Shivneri Caves

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Shivneri Caves
Shivneri caves.jpg
Shivneri Caves, Junnar, India.
Map showing the location of Shivneri Caves
Map showing the location of Shivneri Caves
Location Junnar
Coordinates 19°11′56″N 73°51′29″E / 19.1990°N 73.8580°E / 19.1990; 73.8580Coordinates: 19°11′56″N 73°51′29″E / 19.1990°N 73.8580°E / 19.1990; 73.8580
Geology Basalt
Shivneri hill, Junnar

Shivneri Caves (शिवनेरी लेणी) are located on Shivneri Hill, about 2 km South West of the Junnar town India.[1] Other caves surrounding the city of Junnar are: Manmodi caves, Lenyadri caves and Tulja caves.


This Buddhist cave has the Shivneri fort on its top where Shivaji was born. This is group of 60 caves was excavated in the first half century A.D.[1] In early part of second century CE this caves were flourishing center of Buddhist activities.[2] The caves has astylar Chaitya[3]

Important Cave list include:[1]

  • Cave 26 – Two story Vihara
  • Cave 45 – Known as “Bara-kotri” has 12 cells for resident monks.
  • Cave 51 – A chaitya has inscription of merchant


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