Shivsena Nepal

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Shivsena Nepal
शिवसेना नेपाल
President Arun Subedi[1]
Founded 1990
Election symbol
Shivsena Nepal-electionsymbol2064.jpg

Shivsena Nepal (Nepali: शिवसेना नेपाल; translation: Shiva's Army of Nepal) is a political party in Nepal. The party was founded in 1990 by Arun Subedi, in response to the demands for secularism in the backdrop of the Jana Andolan.[2]

In difference to the Nepal Shivsena, Shivsena Nepal has profiled itself mainly as a religious organisation. Whereas Nepal Shivsena has links to the Indian Shiv Sena, Shivsena Nepal denies such links.[3][4]

The party is registered with the Election Commission of Nepal ahead of the 2008 Constituent Assembly election.[5]

When the Taliban began destroying the Buddhistic ancient artifacts, the Nepal Shiv Sena and the Shivsena Nepal strongly criticized the attacks.[6]


The party claims to have organisation in 36 out of 75 districts of Nepal. Its main base, according to Subedi, is in the Terai areas.[2]