Shiwiar language

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Native toPeru, Ecuador
EthnicityAchuar people, Shiwiar
Native speakers
(undated figure of 3,000–3,500 in Peru)[1]
4,000 in Ecuador (2007)[2]
  • Achuar
Language codes
ISO 639-3acu

Shiwiar, also known as Achuar, Jivaro, Maina, is a Jivaroan language spoken along the Pastaza and Bobonaza rivers in Ecuador.


Consonant phonemes[4]
Bilabial Alveolar Postalveolar Palatal Velar Glottal
Nasal m n ŋ
Stop p t k ʔ
Affricate ts
Fricative s ʃ x
Approximant j w
Tap ɾ
Vowel phonemes[4]
Front Central Back
Close i ĩ u ũ
Close-mid ɘ ɘ̃ ɘː[5]
Open a ã


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