Shizuoka Prefecture

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Shizuoka Prefecture

Japanese transcription(s)
 • Japanese静岡県
 • RōmajiShizuoka-ken
Flag of Shizuoka Prefecture
Official logo of Shizuoka Prefecture
Location of Shizuoka Prefecture
Coordinates: 34°55′N 138°19′E / 34.917°N 138.317°E / 34.917; 138.317Coordinates: 34°55′N 138°19′E / 34.917°N 138.317°E / 34.917; 138.317
RegionChūbu (Tōkai)
Largest cityHamamatsu
SubdivisionsDistricts: 5, Municipalities: 35
 • GovernorHeita Kawakatsu
 • Total7,777.42 km2 (3,002.88 sq mi)
Area rank13th
Highest elevation3,778 m (12,395 ft)
 (1 December 2019)
 • Total3,637,998
 • Rank10th
 • Density470/km2 (1,200/sq mi)
ISO 3166 codeJP-22
BirdJapanese paradise flycatcher (Terpsiphone atrocaudata)
FlowerAzalea (Rhododendron)
TreeSweet osmanthus (Osmanthus fragrans var. aurantiacus)

Shizuoka Prefecture (静岡県, Shizuoka-ken) is a prefecture of Japan located in the Chūbu region of Honshu.[1] As of December 2019, Shizuoka Prefecture has a population of 3,637,998 and has a geographic area of 7,777.42 km2 (3,002.88 sq mi). Shizuoka Prefecture borders Kanagawa Prefecture to the east, Yamanashi Prefecture to the northeast, Nagano Prefecture to the north, and Aichi Prefecture to the west.

Shizuoka is the capital and Hamamatsu is the largest city in Shizuoka Prefecture, with other major cities including Fuji, Numazu, and Iwata.[2] Shizuoka Prefecture is located on Japan's Pacific Ocean coast and features Suruga Bay formed by the Izu Peninsula, and Lake Hamana which is considered to be one of Japan's largest lakes. Mount Fuji, the tallest volcano in Japan and cultural icon of the country, is partially located in Shizuoka Prefecture on the border with Yamanashi Prefecture. Shizuoka Prefecture has a significant motoring heritage as the founding location of Honda, Suzuki, and Yamaha, and is home to the Fuji International Speedway.

View of Mt. Fuji from Numazu


Shizuoka Prefecture was established from the former Tōtōmi, Suruga and Izu provinces.[3]

The area was the home of the first Tokugawa shōgun.[citation needed] Tokugawa Ieyasu held the region until he conquered the lands of the Hōjō clan in the Kantō region and placed land under the stewardship of Toyotomi Hideyoshi. After becoming shōgun, Tokugawa took the land back for his family and put the area around modern-day Shizuoka city under the direct supervision of the shogunate. With the creation of Shizuoka han in 1868, it once again became the residence of the Tokugawa family.


Map of Shizuoka Prefecture
     Government Ordinance Designated City      City      Town

Shizuoka Prefecture is an elongated region following the coast of the Pacific Ocean at the Suruga Bay. In the west, the prefecture extends deep into the Japan Alps. In the east, it becomes a narrower coast bounded in the north by Mount Fuji, until it comes to the Izu Peninsula, a popular resort area pointing south into the Pacific.[citation needed]

As of April 2012, 11% of the total land area of the prefecture was designated as Natural Parks, namely the Fuji-Hakone-Izu and Minami Alps National Parks; Tenryū-Okumikawa Quasi-National Park; and four Prefectural Natural Parks.[4]

Tokai earthquakes[edit]

Throughout history, a disastrous earthquake called the Tokai earthquake has hit Shizuoka every 100 to 150 years. On 15 March 2011, Shizuoka Prefecture was hit with a magnitude 6.2 earthquake approximately 42 km (26 mi) NNE of Shizuoka City.


Shizuoka City
Hamamatsu City
Numazu and Mount Fuji

Since 2010, Shizuoka consists of 35 municipalities: 23 cities and 12 towns

Flag, name w/o suffix Full name District
Area (km2) Population Map LPE code
(w/o checksum)
Japanese transcription translation
Flag of Shizuoka, Shizuoka.svg Shizuoka (capital) 静岡市 Shizuoka-shi Shizuoka City 1,411.9 690,881 Location of Shizuoka city Shizuoka prefecture Japan.svg 22100
Flag of Hamamatsu, Shizuoka.svg Hamamatsu 浜松市 Hamamatsu-shi Hamamatsu City 1,558.06 791,707 Hamamatsu in Shizuoka Prefecture Ja.svg 22130
Flag of Atami, Shizuoka.svg Atami 熱海市 Atami-shi Atami City 61.78 36,865 Atami in Shizuoka Prefecture Ja.svg 22205
Flag of Fuji, Shizuoka.svg Fuji 富士市 Fuji-shi Fuji City 244.95 245,015 Fuji in Shizuoka Prefecture Ja.svg 22210
Flag of Fujieda, Shizuoka.svg Fujieda 藤枝市 Fujieda-shi Fujieda City 194.06 145,032 Fujieda in Shizuoka Prefecture Ja.svg 22214
Flag of Fujinomiya, Shizuoka.svg Fujinomiya 富士宮市 Fujinomiya-shi Fujinomiya City 389.08 132,507 Fujinomiya in Shizuoka Prefecture Ja.svg 22207
Flag of Fukuroi Shizuoka.JPG Fukuroi 袋井市 Fukuroi-shi Fukuroi City 108.33 88,395 Fukuroi in Shizuoka Prefecture Ja.svg 22216
Flag of Gotenba, Shizuoka.svg Gotemba 御殿場市 Gotemba-shi Gotemba City 194.9 88,370 Gotenba in Shizuoka Prefecture Ja.svg 22215
Flag of Ito, Shizuoka.svg Itō 伊東市 Itō-shi Itō City
("I[zu] East City")
124.1 68,773 Ito in Shizuoka Prefecture Ja.svg 22208
Flag of Iwata Shizuoka.svg Iwata 磐田市 Iwata-shi Iwata City 163.45 169,897 Iwata in Shizuoka Prefecture Ja.svg 22211
Flag of Izu Shizuoka.JPG Izu 伊豆市 Izu-shi Izu City 363.97 30,678 Izu in Shizuoka Prefecture Ja.svg 22222
Flag of Izunokuni, Shizuoka.svg Izunokuni 伊豆の国市 Izunokuni-shi Izunokuni City
("Province of Izu City")
94.62 48,579 Izunokuni in Shizuoka Prefecture Ja.svg 22225
Flag of Kakegawa, Shizuoka.svg Kakegawa 掛川市 Kakegawa-shi Kakegawa City 265.69 117,925 Kakegawa in Shizuoka Prefecture Ja.svg 22213
Flag of Kikugawa, Shizuoka.svg Kikugawa 菊川市 Kikugawa-shi Kikugawa City 94.19 48,484 Kikugawa in Shizuoka Prefecture Ja.svg 22224
Flag of Kosai, Shizuoka.svg Kosai 湖西市 Kosai-shi Kosai City
("Lake [Hamana] West City")
86.56 59,770 Kosai in Shizuoka Prefecture Ja.svg 22221
Flag of Makinohara Shizuoka.JPG Makinohara 牧之原市 Makinohara-shi Makinohara City 111.69 45,813 Makinohara in Shizuoka Prefecture Ja.svg 22226
Flag of Mishima, Shizuoka.svg Mishima 三島市 Mishima-shi Mishima City 62.02 109,803 Mishima in Shizuoka Prefecture Ja.svg 22206
Flag of Numazu, Shizuoka.svg Numazu 沼津市 Numazu-shi Numazu City 186.96 189,486 Numazu in Shizuoka Prefecture Ja.svg 22203
Flag of Omaezaki Shizuoka.JPG Omaezaki 御前崎市 Omaezaki-shi Omaezaki City 65.56 32,422 Omaezaki in Shizuoka Prefecture Ja.svg 22223
Flag of Shimada Shizuoka.JPG Shimada 島田市 Shimada-shi Shimada City 315.7 95,610 Shimada in Shizuoka Prefecture Ja.svg 22209
Flag of Shimoda, Shizuoka.svg Shimoda 下田市 Shimoda-shi Shimoda City 104.71 21,402 Shimoda in Shizuoka Prefecture Ja.svg 22219
Flag of Susono, Shizuoka.svg Susono 裾野市 Susono-shi Susono City 138.12 51,216 Susono in Shizuoka Prefecture Ja.svg 22220
Flag of Yaizu, Shizuoka.svg Yaizu 焼津市 Yaizu-shi Yaizu City 70.31 139,578 基礎自治体位置図 22212.svg 22212
Flag of Higashiizu Shizuoka.JPG Higashiizu 東伊豆町 Higashi-Izu-chō Higashi-Izu Town
("East Izu Town")
Kamo 77.83 12,155 Higashiizu in Shizuoka Prefecture Ja.svg 22301
Flag of kawazu Shizuoka.JPG Kawazu 河津町 Kawazu-chō Kawazu Town 100.79 7,203 Kawazu in Shizuoka Prefecture Ja.svg 22302
Flag of Minamiizu Shizuoka.JPG Minamiizu 南伊豆町 Minami-Izu-chō Minami-Izu Town
("South Izu Town")
110.58 8,231 Minamiizu in Shizuoka Prefecture Ja.svg 22304
Flag of Matsuzaki Shizuoka.JPG Matsuzaki 松崎町 Matsuzaki-chō Matsuzaki Town 85.23 6,563 Matsuzaki in Shizuoka Prefecture Ja.svg 22305
Flag of Nishiizu Shizuoka.JPG Nishiizu 西伊豆町 Nishi-Izu-chō Nishi-Izu Town
("West Izu Town")
105.52 7,798 Nishiizu in Shizuoka Prefecture Ja.svg 22306
Flag of Kannami Shizuoka.JPG Kannami 函南町 Kannami-chō Kannami Town Tagata 65.16 37,782 基礎自治体位置図 22325.svg 22325
Flag of Kawanehon Shizuoka.JPG Kawanehon 川根本町 Kawane-honchō Kawane-honchō
(~"Kawane Main/Root/Old Town")
Haibara 496.88 6,731 Kawanehon in Shizuoka Prefecture Ja.svg 22429
Flag of Yoshida Shizuoka.JPG Yoshida 吉田町 Yoshida-chō Yoshida Town 20.73 29,593 Yoshida in Shizuoka Prefecture Ja.svg 22424
Flag of Mori Shizuoka.JPG Mori 森町 Mori-machi Mori Town Shūchi 133.91 18,306 基礎自治体位置図 22461.svg 22461
Flag of Nagaizumi Shizuoka.JPG Nagaizumi 長泉町 Nagaizumi-chō Nagaizumi Town Suntō
("Sun[shū] East")
26.63 43,568 Nagaizumi in Shizuoka Prefecture Ja.svg 22342
Flag of Oyama Shizuoka.svg Oyama 小山町 Oyama-chō Oyama Town 135.74 18,458 基礎自治体位置図 22344.svg 22344
Flag of Shimizutown Shizuoka.JPG Shimizu 清水町 Shimizu-chō Shimizu Town 8.81 32,453 Shimizu town in Shizuoka Prefecture Ja.svg 22341
Flag of Shizuoka Prefecture.svg Shizuoka 静岡県 Shizuoka-ken Shizuoka Prefecture 7,777.42 3,637,998 Map of Shizuoka Prefecture Ja.svg 22000
ISO: JP-22


After the introduction of modern municipalities in 1889, Shizuoka consisted of 337 municipalities: 1 (by definition: district-independent) city and 23 districts with 31 towns and 305 villages. The Great Shōwa mergers of the 1950s reduced the total from 281 to 97 between 1953 and 1960, including 18 cities by then. The Great Heisei mergers of the 2000s combined the 74 remaining municipalities in the year 2000 into the current 35 by 2010.

List of governors of Shizuoka (since 1947)[edit]

# Name
Term of office Political Party
1 Takeji Kobayashi (小林武治)
23 April 1947 22 April 1951 Independent
2 Toshio Saito (斎藤寿夫)
1 May 1951 8 January 1967 Liberal Party (1951-1959)
Liberal Democratic Party (1959-1967)
3 Yutaro Takeyama (竹山祐太郎)
31 January 1967 24 June 1974 LDP
4 Keizaburo Yamamoto (山本敬三郎)
10 June 1974 6 July 1986 LDP
5 Shigeyoshi Saito (斉藤滋与史)
7 July 1986 23 June 1993 LDP
6 Yoshinobu Ishikawa (石川嘉延)
(born in 1940)
3 August 1993 17 June 2009 Independent
7 Heita Kawakatsu (川勝平太)
(born in 1948)
7 July 2009 Incumbent Independent



Tōkaidō Shinkansen
Minobu Line
Izuhakone Railway
Gakunan Railway



Toll roads[edit]

  • Shizuoka East-West Road
  • Shizuoka South-North Road
  • West Fuji Road (not a toll road anymore as of 2012)
  • Fujinomiya Road

National highways[edit]


Shizuoka Airport


  • Shimizu Port
  • Atami Port and Shimoda Port - Mainly ferry route to Izu Island
  • Numazu Port



National universities

Public universities

Private universities

Senior high schools[edit]


The sports teams listed below are based in Shizuoka.








Theme parks[edit]

  • Air Park Japan Air Self-Defense Force Hamamatsu Public Information Building)[5]
  • Shimizu Sushi Museum[6]

Festivals and events[edit]

A kite festival in Hamamatsu, May 2013
  • Shimoda Black Ship Festival, held in May
  • Shimizu Port Festival, held on August 5 to 7
  • Shizuoka Festival, held in April
  • Daidogei World Cup in central Shizuoka City, held in November
  • Enshu Daimyo Festival in Iwata, held in April
  • Numazu Festival, held in July
  • Mishima Festival, held in August


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