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Type 1000 trainset.
Shin-Shizuoka station, built with Shinshizuoka-Center Department Store, a part of Shizutetsu Group.

The Shizuoka–Shimizu Line (静岡清水線 Shizuoka-Shimizu-sen?) is a railway line in Shizuoka Prefecture, between Shin-Shizuoka in Aoi Ward and Shin-Shimizu in Shimizu Ward, all within the city of Shizuoka. Presently this is the only railway Shizuoka Railway (Shizutetsu) operates. The line links the previous Shimizu City and Shizuoka cities, which were merged on April 1, 2003.

Basic data[edit]

  • Distance: 11.0 km
  • Gauge: 1067 mm
  • Stations: 15
  • Track: double
  • Electric supply: Whole the line (600 V DC)
  • Railway signalling: Automatic


The line opened in 1908 as 762mm gauge to the Shin-Shimizu wharf, and was regauged to 1067mm and electrified at 600 VDC in 1920. The line was duplicated in sections between 1925 and 1930 except the section to the wharf, which closed in 1945.

CTC signalling was commissioned in 1979.


The line has a fairly frequent service, with a trainset coming once per 5 minutes on busier hours, 6 minutes on daytimes and weekends, linking Shin-Shizuoka and Shin-Shimizu in 20 minutes. This frequency is unique among smaller private railways in Japan, which often have much less frequent services. All the trainsets are consisted of two cars, and have no boarded conductors. There is no rapid service. All the stations accept LuLuCa, a smart card ticketing system. They accept PiTaPa and ICOCA as well.


Station Distance (km) Transfers Location
S01 Shin-Shizuoka 新静岡 0.0 Central Japan Railway Company (JR Central): Tōkaidō Main Line, Tōkaidō Shinkansen (at Shizuoka) Aoi Ward
S02 Hiyoshichō 日吉町 0.3
S03 Otowachō 音羽町 0.8
S04 Kasugachō 春日町 1.5
S05 Yunoki 柚木 2.0
S06 Naganuma 長沼 3.1 JR Central: Tōkaidō Main Line (Higashi-Shizuoka)
S07 Furushō 古庄 3.8
S08 Ken-Sōgō Undōjō 県総合運動場 4.8 Suruga Ward
S09 Kenritsu-Bijutsukan Mae 県立美術館前 5.7 Shimizu Ward
S10 Kusanagi 草薙 6.4 JR Central: Tōkaidō Main Line (Kusanagi (JR))
S11 Mikadodai 御門台 7.4
S12 Kitsunegasaki 狐ヶ崎 8.3
S13 Sakurabashi 桜橋 10.0
S14 Irieoka 入江岡 10.3
S15 Shin-Shimizu 新清水 11.0 JR Central: Tōkaidō Main Line (Shimizu)

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