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Škłoŭ Coat of Arms
An 18th century drawing of Škłoŭ (Polish, Szkłów)

Škłoŭ (Belarusian: Шклоў, [ʂkɫɔu̯]; Russian: Шклов, Shklov; Yiddish: שקלאָוו‎, Shklav) is a town in Mahilyow Voblast, Belarus, located 35 kilometres (22 mi) north of Mogilev on the Dnieper river. It has a railway station on the line between Orsha and Mogilev. As of 2009, its population was 16,439.[1]


  • 1535: First records about the town.
  • 1654, 1656: two battles, see battles of Shkloŭ
  • April 10, 1762: Coat of arms.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus since 1994, held a position as the director of the construction materials plant in Shklov Raion before he became a collective farm manager and then moved into politics.[2]


  • Railway station
  • 3 bus routes


The Transfiguration Church

The Jewish family name Shklovsky or Shklover indicates that the person or their ancestors come from Shkloŭ.

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