Shkot Island

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On Shkot Island

Shkot Island (Russian: Остров Шкота lit. Isle of Shkot) is one of five big islands of Eugénie de Montijo Archipelago. It lies due south of Russkiy Island,[1] and falls under Vladivostok administration.

The area of the island is 2.6 square kilometres (1.0 square mile). Its highest point is 146 metres (479 feet) above sea level. The island is uninhabited.

The island was named after Nikolay Shkot, commander of the corvette America, who led a hydrographic expedition to the area in 1863.


  1. ^ Note: The island is shown on Google Maps as a peninsula of Russkiy island, but the satellite image, and the map at the archipelago page, show the island clearly

Coordinates: 42°56′N 131°50′E / 42.933°N 131.833°E / 42.933; 131.833