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Alternative namesKrumplinudli, nudli
Place of originHungary
Main ingredientsMashed potatoes, eggs, flour, water, streusel

Shlishkes (the plural form is standard) is a dish of potato-based small dumplings (called krumplinudli or nudli in Hungarian) popular in Hungarian cooking and often found in the Jewish cuisine of the Ashkenazi community.

It is formed from a soft dough of cooked mashed potatoes, egg, flour and water; the dumplings are boiled and rolled in sugar and hot buttered caramelized breadcrumbs (streusel)[1] or in browned breadcrumbs as a savory preparation.

When cooking plum dumplings called szilvásgombóc (in Hungarian) then the leftover batter is formed into small (finger-sized) breaded rolls, called krumplinudli (direct translation: potato dumpling or potato noodle) or simply nudli.

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