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Grand Rabbi Shmuel Shlomo Leiner of Radzin, son of Tiferes Yosef, established the Radziner Yeshiva Sod Y'sharim in Radzin, Poland, which was led by and under the auspices of his brother-in-law Grand Rabbi Avraham Yissachor Englard of Radzin, who later established a network of 7 yeshivos Sod Y'sharim Radzin in various cities throughout Poland. The Rebbe was greatly respected for his greatness in learning, by many Litvishe Gedolim, even being at such a young age. The Rebbe was known for encouraging resistance to the orders of the Nazis and the Judenrat and for urging people to break out of the ghettos, flee to the forests and take up arms. (Although he never made it to the woods himself, his brother-in-law, Grand Rabbi Avraham Yissachor Englard of Radzin, fled to the woods and joined the partisans with a group of Radziner Chasidim.) The story goes that in his last moments, the Rebbe was wrapped in his father's tallis as a Nazi soldier took him into the Wladawa cemetery at gunpoint. At one point, the Nazi pushed him. The Rebbe turned around, slapped him across the face, and kicked him. This obviously degraded the Nazi greatly, thus stunning him by showing the inner power of the Jewish people. The Rebbe was immediately shot to death on that day, 29 Iyar 5702 (1942). Buried in Wladawa.

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