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1979 Sho-Bud Double 12

Sho-Bud is a brand name for a manufacturer of pedal steel guitars. The founders were Shot Jackson and Buddy Emmons, both active steel players in the 1950s. In the 1970s they also expanded their line and offered acoustic guitars. They also made a line of resonator guitars in conjunction with Gretsch under the name Sho-Bro, a play on the word Dobro. The name is currently owned by Gretsch and there are no models in production.


  • Early 1950s Shot installs string pullers with pedals on Fender, Rickenbacker, and other steel guitars.

Shot approaches steel guitarist Bud Isaacs to start the Sho-Bud company together, Sho after Shot Jackson, Bud after Bud Isaacs. Bud Isaacs declined Shot's offer after which Shot approaches steel guitarist Buddy Emmons.

  • 1955 Buddy Emmons joins Shot to start Sho-Bud.
  • 1963 Shot’s sons, David and Harry, accompany Shot in building Sho-Bud Steel Guitars.[1]
  • Duane Marrs joins the company.
  • 1963 Buddy Emmons leaves Sho-Bud to start his Emmons Guitar Company with Ron Lashley[2]

Pedal steel models[edit]

Models produced include the Permanent, Fingertip, Crossover, Maverick, Professional, Pro I, Pro II, Pro III, Super Pro and LDG (Lloyd Green).


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