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ShoBox: The New Generation is a boxing television program on Showtime. It debuted in 2001 and focuses mainly on up-and-coming boxing prospects. The program, which is a spin-off of its sister boxing program, Showtime Championship Boxing, is usually aired live at 11 p.m. ET/PT on selected Fridays. The show features Barry Tompkins on blow-by-blow, and Steve Farhood and Raul Marquez as the expert analysts.

Notable fights[edit]

A match between Sechew Powell and Cornelius Bundrage on May 6, 2005, featured an extremely rare double knockdown. Both threw simultaneous rights to the chin, although the referee didn't score any single knockdowns, possibly due to the shock of the occurrence. It had a feature on SportsCenter on the same day.[citation needed]

A match between Allan Green and Jaidon Codrington, on November 4, 2005, featured a devastating knockout win for Green in 18 seconds. It won The Ring magazine Knockout of the Year for 2005.[citation needed]

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