Shoaib Hashmi

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Shoaib Hashmi
OccupationEducator, Playwright, TV actor
Known forPTV comedy shows of the 1970s
Spouse(s)Salima Hashmi
ChildrenYasser Hashmi
Mira Hashmi
AwardsPride of Performance Award in 1995[1]
Tamgha-e-Imtiaz Award (Medal of Excellence)[1]

Shoaib Hashmi (Urdu: شعیب ہاشمی) is a veteran playwright, actor and professor from Pakistan.[1]

Family life and education[edit]

Hashmi received his Master of Arts degree in economics from Government College (now Government College University), Lahore and his MSc. degree from London School of Economics (LSE), London[1] He also studied theater at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, London.[1]

Hashmi is married to Salima Hashmi, the daughter of noted Pakistani poet, Faiz Ahmed Faiz.[1] The couple have two children.



Hashmi taught economics for many years at Government College (now Government College University), Lahore and later taught Lahore School of Economics. For a while now, he has been sick and paralyzed. He has difficulty walking and talking. Shoaib is under treatment in Lahore. Besides his immediate family wishing him well, among his well-wishers is Arshad Mehmood (composer), an accomplished music composer and actor in Pakistan, who happens to be one of his fond students from 1969 - Shoaib's college-teaching-days in Lahore. Arshad Mehmood commented about Shoaib Hashmi in an interview to a major newspaper, "A man of few words, Hashmi is courteous, tolerant and compassionate. I often meet his friends and students and they all love him. He is basically an artist and a humanist. Poetry and music are his favourite topics of discussion."[1]


TV serials[edit]

He wrote the following comedy TV serials for Pakistan Television (PTV) which originally aired in the 1970s.

  • Akkar Bakkar (1970s comedy show designed to educate children)[2]
  • Sach Gupp (1970s comedy show)[2]
  • Taal Matol (1970s comedy show)[2]
  • Balila - banned soon after it aired.[1]

Newspaper column[edit]



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