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"Shocked (DNA Mix)"
Kylie Minogue - Shocked single cover.png
Single by Kylie Minogue featuring Jazzy P
from the album Rhythm of Love
Released 20 May 1991
Recorded London, England
Length 3:06
Producer(s) Stock Aitken Waterman
Kylie Minogue featuring Jazzy P singles chronology
"What Do I Have to Do"
"Word Is Out"

"Shocked" is a song by Australian recording artist and songwriter Kylie Minogue, taken from her third studio album Rhythm of Love (1990). Written and produced by Stock, Aitken and Waterman, "Shocked" was released as the album's fourth and final single. The song later appeared on most of Minogue's major compilations including Greatest Hits (1992) and Ultimate Kylie (2004). The DNA Mix of the song also includes a rap in the bridge of the song which features Jazzy P.

Lyrically, the song canvasses confusion and understanding of love and relationships. The song has been compared by critics to her previous single "What Do I Have to Do". "Shocked" received mostly positive reviews from critics, with many praising its catchiness. Commercially, the song was successful, peaking in the top ten in her native Australia the United Kingdom, and several other countries.

An accompanying music video was filmed for the single, shot in London. The video features Minogue entering a mansion-style home, where she is seduced by a mysterious man. The song has been noted to have a close similarity to Minogue's previous single's video "What Do I Have to Do", which featured a similar man in a similar atmosphere. The song has been noted as one of Minogue's best singles to date, despite limited success outside her native Australia and the United Kingdom.[1]


"Shocked" was written and produced by Stock, Aitken and Waterman, who had written and produced almost all of Minogue's material to that point, and went on to do the same for her fourth album Let's Get To It (1992), before Minogue parted ways with them. The song was released as the fourth and final single from the Rhythm of Love album. The single version of the song was remixed by DNA.

The single was unique in that it became Kylie's first ever, and only, PWL picture-disc single - a format which Pete Waterman decried, stating "the songs can do their own work".

Critical reception[edit]

"Shocked" received positive reviews from most music critics. Johnny Loftus from Allmusic had reviewed Minogue's compilation Greatest Hits 87-99, and highlighted the song as an album standout.[2] PopMatters enjoyed the song saying that, while reviewing Ultimate Kylie that they needed "even a little funk [on tracks like "Shocked"]".[3]

Nick Levine from Digital Spy misunderstood the lyrics as he said "On 'Shocked', is she... would she... could she be singing "I was f**ked to my very foundations?".[4] Stylus Magazine gave it a positive review, saying along with "Give Me Just a Little More Time" and "What Do I Have to Do"; "were great songs and suddenly Kylie was a little bit cool."[5]

Chart performance[edit]

"Shocked" received moderate success throughout the charts. In Minogue's native Australia, the song debuted at number thirteen. The song then rose to number seven, where it eventually peaked. The song then fell out the top ten, and stayed in the charts for eleven weeks in total.[6] In the United Kingdom, the song debuted at number ten on the UK Singles Chart. The song then ascended to number six, where it eventually peaked. It stayed in the charts for a total of seven weeks. Due to the top ten chart performance of the song in the UK, Minogue became the first artist in the history of the UK charts to have their first thirteen releases go top ten.[7]

The song had also managed to chart within several European charts, including the top ten in countries Israel, Slovenia, Ireland, South Africa, United Kingdom and Australia.

Music video[edit]


The accompanying music video was shot in Paris, France as Minogue was finishing her photoshoot in Paris.[1] The video featured Minogue in a number of disguises. According to her long-term friend William Baker, he said that her team intended to re-create her previous video "What Do I Have to Do" to this video.[1]

Minogue told Clothes Show in August 1991: "I really like [the look in the video]. It's strong and it's sexy. It's quite deliberately different from what people expect of me."


It starts with Minogue and an assistant driving inside a Manson-esque home, and Minogue steps out the car to walk into a mysterious man's home. Though through some scenes, it features Minogue making out with the man in the car she arrived in.

It then shoots to Minogue singing in a pink bra with white shorts with pigtails, singing to the song. It then shows Minogue in an pink ostrich skirt, with a nude-torse frontal view. It then features rapper Jazzy P. rapping to her feature in the song, where it features Minogue dancing, inset off a keyhole shape. And then when Minogue finishings singing, she later leaves the mansion to be smiling, with the mysterious man standing goodbye.

Formats and track listings[edit]

These are the formats and track listings of major single releases of "Shocked".

UK 12" Single/Australia 7" Single/New Zealand Cassette[8]

  1. "Shocked" (DNA Remix)
  2. "Shocked" (Harding/Curnow Remix)

UK cassette single (Both are "A" and "B" sided. The "B" side off the cassette has the same songs)[9]

  1. "Shocked" (DNA Remix)
  2. "Shocked" (Harding/Curnow Remix)
  3. "Shocked" (DNA Remix)
  4. "Shocked" (Harding/Curnow Remix)

iTunes digital EP (Not available at time of original release. Released for the first time as part of iTunes PWL archive release in 2009.)

  1. "Shocked" (DNA 12" Mix)
  2. "Shocked" (DNA Alternate 7" Mix)
  3. "Shocked" (DNA Alternative 7" Mix)
  4. "Shocked" (DNA Backing Track)
  5. "Shocked" (Harding Curnow 12" Mix)
  6. "Shocked" (Harding Curnow 7" Mix)
  7. "Shocked" (Harding Curnow Backing Track)
  8. "Shocked" (Harding Curnow Instrumental)


Weekly charts[edit]

Live performances[edit]

  • At World Music Awards 1990.

Minogue performed the song on the following concert tours:

The song was also performed on:


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