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Example of the shocker.

The shocker, also known colloquially,[1][2] is a hand gesture with a sexual connotation.[3] The ring finger and thumb are curled or bent down while the other fingers are extended. The index and middle fingers are kept together (touching) and the back of the hand faces outwards (away from the gesturer). The gesture refers to the act of inserting the index and middle fingers into a vagina and the little finger into the receiver's anus, hence the "shock". Public usage of the gesture has been noted in the media, and in some instances had negative consequences for the perpetrators.


Because the athletic teams of the Wichita State University are nicknamed "the Shockers" (short for "Wheatshockers," an unrelated term), fans at basketball games, use a modified form of the gesture by extending the thumb to form a "W".[4][5] On her 2006 album Impeach My Bush, Canadian electroclash artist Peaches outlined the gesture as "thumbs up, fingers out, pull back" in the song "Rock the Shocker". The Glam Metal band Steel Panther released a track on their 2009 album Feel the Steel named "The Shocker" and have been known to use this hand sign in a selection of their songs.

In March 2011, Australian Football League player Jarryd Blair was seen making what was thought to be the gesture in the Collingwood team photo after their NAB Cup Grand Final win, leading to a brief media outcry and formal apology.[6]

In the Veronica Mars episode Plan B, Weevil tells Veronica that he didn't exactly tell the whole truth about how he handled the Curly Moran situation. Veronica attempts the gesture and replies 'Shocker'. Weevil says 'I think that's actually scouts honour. Your fingers..'. Veronica interrupts saying 'Not important. Move on'.

In Netflix's Orange Is the New Black, Big Boo is speaking to Nikki about their orgasm competition. She tells Nikki that she is losing her edge and that the way to best finish a girl off is "two in the pink, one in the stink" while sporting the shocker hand sign.

Pro Wrestler Matt Hardy used the hand gesture to signify his nickname "V1" as in "Version 1".

Singer Steven Tyler displays the shocker in the preshow film of the Rockin' Roller Coaster attraction at Walt Disney World.

In her July 15, 2015 appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Amy Schumer commented on Fallon's bandaged hand, saying, “You hurt your hand in the shape of The Shocker. Like, I think that’s really – that’s inappropriate. Coincidence?”[7]


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