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Shockwave is one of three jet-powered American trucks. Namely, Shockwave, a Peterbilt semi, and Super Shockwave, a 1957 Chevy, Bob Motz drives the third.

Shockwave at the 2003 Naval Air Station Oceana Regional Air Show.


Shockwave is the first of the Shockwave trucks. It currently holds the world record for jet-powered full-sized trucks at 376 miles per hour (605 km/h).[1] The truck has three Westinghouse J34-48 jets, which allow the truck to complete the quarter-mile in 6.63 seconds.[2]

Super Shockwave[edit]


The Super Shockwave is the more recent of the two trucks. The truck has two Westinghouse J34-48 jet engines. The truck is built on a 1957 Chevy cab. In the full mile, the truck is able to reach 336 mph.[3]


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