Shockwave (Star Trek: Enterprise)

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Star Trek: Enterprise episode
Episode no.Season 1 & 2
Episode 26 & 1
Directed byAllan Kroeker
Written byRick Berman
Brannon Braga
Produced byDawn Valazquez
Featured musicDennis McCarthy
Production code126 & 128
Original air dateMay 22, 2002 (2002-05-22)
September 18, 2002 (2002-09-18)
Guest appearance(s)
Episode chronology
← Previous
"Two Days and Two Nights"
Next →
"Carbon Creek"
Star Trek: Enterprise (season 1)
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"Shockwave" is a two-part episode of the television series Star Trek: Enterprise. Part one is the first-season finale, the twenty-sixth episode (production #126), and part two is the second season opener, the twenty-seventh episode (production #128). Because of this, common to the Star Trek franchise in this period, part one aired on UPN on May 22, 2002 but it was nearly four months before the second part aired on September 18, 2002.[1][2]


Part I[edit]

While visiting an alien mining colony on Paraagan II, a shuttle accidentally sets fire to the large amounts of tetrazine in the atmosphere, instantly incinerating the 3,600 colonists on the surface. Despite Lieutenant Reed's precautions, Captain Archer personally puts full blame on himself for all the deaths caused. He doesn't argue with Starfleet's Admiral Forrest when Enterprise's mission is officially cancelled, and the ship is ordered to return home (on the advice of Vulcan Ambassador Soval).

Later, Archer is suddenly transported back 10 months in the past. He then encounters Crewman Daniels who warns him that the Suliban are trying to sabotage Enterprise's mission. He wants to help Archer discover the truth, because events must go on to preserve the timeline. Using information from Daniels, Reed finds a cloaked Suliban device on the shuttlepod's engine manifold, and Archer directs Commander Tucker to build advanced quantum beacon detectors. Enterprise then travels back to an asteroid field near Paraagan II where a Suliban ship is hiding. They quickly cripple and board the ship, finding computer memory chips with proof of the Suliban's plan.

As Enterprise makes its escape, they are able to prove that the explosion wasn't their fault. Sub-Commander T'Pol is, however, still sceptical about the time travel explanation, as Vulcan scientists have proved it is impossible. Later the ship starts experiencing warp field problems, and soon detects 20 or 30 Suliban cell ships in pursuit. The ships decloak, and Silik orders Archer to surrender himself. Archer puts T'Pol in command, but he never makes it to the Suliban shuttle, as he is time transported again, this time to a derelict 31st century building overlooking a devastated cityscape. Daniels appears behind him telling him that bringing him into the future to protect him caused this dramatic change in the timeline. Archer asks to be sent back to repair the damage, but since all the time travel equipment is gone, they are both trapped.

Part II[edit]

With Archer gone, T'Pol chooses to surrender the ship to the Suliban to let them verify his disappearance. They do not find any trace of Archer, but they retrieve their data disks and detect a temporal signature in the turbolift. Meanwhile, in the 31st century, Daniels realizes that there is no available technology to send Archer back and, because of this, the timeline has been disrupted. Archer however gives Daniels his communicator and scanner, allowing Daniels to make a device able to contact Enterprise.

The Suliban take Enterprise to a nearby helix, and Silik interrogates T'Pol to learn where Archer has gone, but she knows little. When T'Pol is returned to her quarters, Archer contacts her and gives her instructions on how to bring him back. Meanwhile, Tucker is able to set up a communication link between the senior staff, and they plan an escape. The plan begins when two Suliban find T'Pol acting strangely, and are knocked out by Reed and Ensign Mayweather. Reed then goes to Daniels's quarters to retrieve a futuristic device, but is caught by the Suliban. During interrogation, he tells Silik that Archer gave him orders to destroy the device, to prevent him from using it to get in touch with the Suliban's contact from the future.

Silik then tries to contact his master but he only succeeds in bringing Archer back, Daniels and Archer having managed to set up a device that allows them to return Archer to his time using the communication device as a 'target'. Meanwhile, on Enterprise, a faked warp core breach is initiated, forcing the Suliban to evacuate the ship. As soon as they are freed, Enterprise goes to warp, pursued by Suliban ships. Archer destroys Daniels's device and, having taken Silik hostage, secures their escape. The reunited crew finally present their proof to Starfleet Command and the Vulcans. Soval still recommends cancellation of the mission, but Archer promises that humanity will learn from their mistakes. T'Pol supports him, adding that the Vulcans should learn from their mistakes as well. Soval exits, and it is decided that Enterprise's mission will continue for now.


Jammer's Review's rated Shockwave, Part I with four out four stars, and Part II, two out of four stars.[3][4] TV.Com had Part I rated 9.1 out of 10 on 185 votes as of 2019,[5] and for Part II, 8.7/10 on 176 votes at that time.[6]


This one of the Enterprise episodes that features the temporal agent Daniels, played by Matt Winston.[7]

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