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Shoe wallets, also known as shoe wallets, shoepockets, shoe pockets, shoe pouches, shoe pals, runners wallet, go wallets, are small pouches that attach to shoes via plastic clips, Velcro or laces directly to or through the shoelaces.[1] They come in various sizes and allow users to carry items such as keys, ID, cash, change while people are on the go. Some of the larger ones allow users to also carry credit cards, hotel room card keys and/or gym membership cards. Walkers and runners also use shoe wallets to carry ID when on the go.

With the recent launch of the Nike+iPod Sport Kit, people are using shoewallets as an alternative for carrying the Nike+iPod Sport Kit sensor. This enables users to use the product with any shoe and not limiting use to only the special Nike shoes.

Shoe wallets are also used as promotional products, giveaway products at races, walks, events & tradeshows or as a private label point of purchase (POP) or point of sale (POS).[citation needed]


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