Shoghakat, Armenia

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Shoghakat as viewed from atop the adjacent hill with chapel ruins.
Shoghakat as viewed from atop the
adjacent hill with chapel ruins.
Shogahakat Շորժա is located in Armenia
Shogahakat Շորժա
Coordinates: 40°30′04″N 45°16′28″E / 40.50111°N 45.27444°E / 40.50111; 45.27444Coordinates: 40°30′04″N 45°16′28″E / 40.50111°N 45.27444°E / 40.50111; 45.27444
Country Armenia
Marz (Province) Gegharkunik
Elevation 1,915 m (6,283 ft)
Population (2011)
 • Total 500
Time zone UTC+4 (GMT+4)
Postal code 1316

Shorgaklat (Armenian: Շողակաթ), known as Shorzha (Armenian: Շորժա) until November 2017 (formerly known as Nadezhdino and Shordzhalu), is a village and a rural community located at Lake Sevan, northwest of the Artanish Peninsula in the Gegharkunik Province of Armenia.

After administrative reforms in November 2017 the name of the village was changed from Shorzha to Shoghakat and it was chosen as administrative center of same-name rural municipality including also villages

Historical sites[edit]

There is a 17th-century chapel and cemetery along the southern outskirts of the village. Upon the hill overlooking Shoghakat, there are the ruins of a chapel, and somewhere in the vicinity are the remains of an Iron Age fort.[1]


Vicinity of the village host 111 species of butterflies and are recognized as Prime Butterfly Area "Artanish-Shoghakat".[2] Also the area is known as one of the Key Birding Sites of Armenia.[3]


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