Shohei Harumoto

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Shohei Harumoto
Born Nerima, Tokyo, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Area(s) Manga artist
Notable works

Shohei Harumoto (東本 昌平?, Harumoto Shōhei, born 5 September ?) is a Japanese manga artist from Nerima, Tokyo.

Harumoto made his debut with a regular serialisation in Weekly Manga Action, in 1987, his first breakthrough manga called Kirin, about street racing centered on a motorcycles was serialised in the motorcycle magazine, Mr Bike BG.[1]

The majority of his work tend to be about motorcycles with the exception of SS which is centralised about cars

His manga SS has since been adapted into a movie to be released in early 2008.

Known Works[edit]


Title Publisher Volume Serialisation Year of print Note
Kirin Weekly Manga Action
Shōnen Gahosha
〜34 1987 known in Asian prints as Thunderstorm Rider (暴風騎士)
SS Shogakukan 9 Big Comic Superior 2000〜2003
Hi! Hi! Hi! Shōnen Gahosha 3 2004
CB Gan Shogakukan 8 Big Comic Spirits 2004〜2007
Tekkon: Shohei Harumoto Illustration Works Shōnen Gahosha 2004
Shohei Harumoto Ride 〜6 2007〜

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