Shohrat Order

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Shohrat Order
Şöhrət ordeni
TypeIndividual Award
Awarded forsustained, selfless service of the highest order, long lasting contributions to development and progress in economic, scientific, socio-cultural fields
Descriptioncrescent formed order with Azerbaijani insignia
Presented byPresident of Azerbaijan
EligibilityAzerbaijani government's civilian personnel, citizens and non-citizens, foreign civilians
EstablishedDecember 6, 1993 (Decree No. 757), revised on February 6, 1998
Next (higher)Azerbaijani Flag Order
Next (lower)Sharaf Order

Shohrat Order (Azerbaijani: Şöhrət ordeni), translated as Order of Glory, is an award presented by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

History and status[edit]

The order was created by the Decree No. 757 of the President of Azerbaijan, Heydar Aliyev and ratified by National Assembly of Azerbaijan on December 6, 1993. The Shohrat Order is given to the citizens of Republic of Azerbaijan, foreign nationals and non-citizens for the following services:

  • special contributions to the economic, scientific, socio and cultural development;
  • special contributions to establishing and strengthening of peace and friendships among and development of cooperation between peoples;
  • services yielding extraordinary and professional results in the industrial, transportation, communications, construction fields as well as in other spheres of economic activity;
  • special contributions in science, education and health sector.[1]

The order is pinned to the left side of the chest. If there are any other orders or medals, the Shohrat Order follows Sheref Order (Azerbaijani: Şərəf Ordeni; Order of Pride).[1]


Shohrat order is in the form of horizontal crescent, with composition of national ornaments supplemented within the laurus branches with leaves and sun with un upward-shining rays. The composition is made of silver colored with gold, attached to a blue-white colored ribbon bar with five edges. The order comes in size 32 mm (1.3 in) by 38 mm (1.5 in), the ribbon bar - 27 mm (1.1 in) by 47.5 mm (1.87 in). Across the upward rays runs a rainbow-shaped golden belt connecting the tips of laurus branches and reading the word Şöhrət (Glory). The rear side of the order is polished and has an engraved order number.[1]

Previous versions[edit]

The original version of the order was in gold, on a medal with an eight-edged star and national ornaments with red and green colors. On the foreground, there were golden laurus branches surrounding a colored bird figure. The upper part of the medal included an eight-pointed star. The lower part had a rainbow-shaped ribbon reading Şöhrət. The order was revised on February 6, 1998 to the current version.[1]



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