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Shoja Azari
Shoja Azari during the Vienna International Film Festival in 2009

Shoja Azari at the Vienna International
Film Festival in 2009
Born (1957-09-18) September 18, 1957 (age 61)[1]
ResidenceNew York City
OccupationArtist, filmmaker, photographer

Shoja Azari is an Iranian-born visual artist and filmmaker based in New York City.[2] He is known for films such as, Women Without Men (2009), Windows (2006) and K (2002) based on 3 of Franz Kafka's short stories ("The Married Couple," "In the Penal Colony" and "A Fratricide").


Azari was born in Shiraz, Iran. He is ethnically Persian, despite the last name.[3] Azari trained as a filmmaker in New York in the 1970s before returning to Iran for the Revolution in 1979.[4] He then permanently returned to the U.S. In 1997, he first met artist Shirin Neshat when she was assembling a team to create her first video “Turbulent”.[5] Azari and Neshat became artistic and romantic partners.[5]

Azari's film and multimedia installations have been increasingly showcased in galleries and museums around the world.[5] His first solo exhibition in New York occurred in 2010 at the Leila Taghinia-Milani Heller Gallery.[5]

He is divorced and has one son, Johnny B. Azari, a musician.[5]


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