Shōjaku Station

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Shōjaku Station
Shojaku Station (01) IMG 4643r R 20150808.JPG
A part of station building
Location Hankyū Shōjaku, Settsu, Osaka
Coordinates 34°46′33.81″N 135°32′46.07″E / 34.7760583°N 135.5461306°E / 34.7760583; 135.5461306Coordinates: 34°46′33.81″N 135°32′46.07″E / 34.7760583°N 135.5461306°E / 34.7760583; 135.5461306
Operated by Hankyu Corporation
Line(s) Kyoto Main Line
Other information
Station code HK-66
Opened 1928

Shōjaku Station (正雀駅, Shōjaku eki, station number: HK-66) is a railway station on the Hankyu Kyoto Line and is in Hankyu Shojaku, Settsu, Osaka. It serves students of the nearby Osaka Gakuin University. Only local trains stop at the station.

The station adjoins a yard and a workshop of Hankyu Railway.

The station opened on January 16, 1928.[1]


The station has 2 island platforms serving 2 tracks each, and one track connecting to Shojaku Depot and Workshop, located in the north of Line 2 served by the eastbound platform.

Local trains for Umeda and Tengachaya arrive at Line 5 during the non-rush hour to let limited express trains and semi-express trains pass Line 4.

2  Kyoto Line for Takatsuki-shi and Kyoto (Kawaramachi)
starting for Umeda in the early morning
3  Kyoto Line for Takatsuki-shi and Kyoto (Kawaramachi)
4, 5  Kyoto Line for Umeda, Tengachaya, Kita-Senri, Kobe, and Takarazuka

Stations next to Shōjaku[edit]

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Hankyu Kyoto Main Line (HK-66)
Aikawa (HK-65)   Local   Settsu-shi (HK-67)
Others: Does not stop at this station


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