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Shoji Kokami (鴻上尚史 Kōkami Shōji?, born 2 August 1958) is a Japanese playwright, director, actor, and filmmaker.


Born in Niihama, Ehime, Kōkami was attending Waseda University when he founded the theatrical company Daisanbutai (Third Stage).[1] Becoming "one of the prime movers in the 1980s small-scale youth theater movement in Japan",[2] he won the Kunio Kishida Award in 1995 for his play Sunafukin no tegami.[1] Earning a fellowship from the Agency for Cultural Affairs in 1997, he spent a year in London,[1] and has since presented such plays as Trance on the London stage.[2] The play Halcyon Days, which he wrote about suicide websites in Japan, has also been presented in Great Britain.[3]

Kōkami has also directed and acted in several films.


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