Shojiro Sugiyama

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Shojiro Sugiyama
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Sugiyama Sensei (June, 2004)
Born(1929-11-16)November 16, 1929
Tokyo, Japan
DiedJune 25, 2015(2015-06-25) (aged 85)
Chicago, United States

Shojiro Sugiyama (November 16, 1929 – June 25, 2015) was Japanese karate instructor. In 1954, after training in two other styles of karate, he began studying with the Japan Karate Association of Tokyo (Yotsuya). He was invited to come to Chicago, U.S. to teach karate in 1963. Through the late 60's and 70's, Sugiyama Sensei is credited with building and promoting Shotokan karate throughout the entire midwest region. Many of his original students have gone on to create their own dojos throughout Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin. In recent years, Sugiyama has increased his focus towards the use and development of ki (Chinese, Qi), in order to improve karate training and create a radar system for martial artists.[1][2]

Published work[edit]

Cover Art Title Year Published ISBN
11 Innovations 11 Innovations in Karate 2005 ISBN 978-0-9669048-3-3
25 Shotokan Kata 25 Shoto-Kan Kata 1984 ISBN 978-0-9669048-0-2
Aura Ki & Healing Aura, Ki, and Healing 2002 ISBN 978-0-9669048-4-0
Kitoh Karate 1994
Karate, Synchronization of Body and Mind 1977
Kumite-gata 1993
Basic Principles of Karate 1991


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