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Shoko Goto
Native name 後藤聖子
Born Shoko Goto, 後藤聖子
(1985-01-18) January 18, 1985 (age 32)
Kyūshū, Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan
Height 1.57 m (5 ft 2 in)

Shoko Goto (Japanese: 後藤聖子 Hepburn: Gotō Shōko?, also romanized as "Syoko Goto") is a busty Japanese adult video actress and gravure model. She takes a Japanese J-cup bra[1] (which is roughly a G cup in American measurements).

Life and career[edit]

Born on January 18, 1985, in Miyazaki Prefecture in Japan's southernmost island of Kyūshū, Shoko debuted on the Japanese adult entertainment scene with her photo shoot in the September 2004 issue of Bachelor Magazine[2] She made her AV (Adult Video) debut for the Crystal-Eizou company in the same month with the video Tawawana 18-sai Shoko Goto,[3][4] and quickly became a highly popular actress. Soon after her debut, Crystal-Eizou offered Goto's fans a chance to win a pair of her panties in the "Sexy Panty Auction." The winning bidding results were announced on October 8, 2004.[5] This auction was repeated in December 2004, when Goto's scarlet panties were auctioned,[6] and again in January 2005.[7] Goto was the top-selling AV model in the Kansai region in December 2004.[8]

By the end of her first year in the business, Goto was given an omnibus "Super Re-mix" Best collection release.[9] She was also featured in the company's "Best" collections for the years of 2004[10] and 2005,[11] and was featured in a 2006 "Best" collection featuring busty models.[12] During her first year, Goto's reputation spread beyond Japan. In August 2005 J-List, the English-language exporter of Japanese products, reported that she had been the subject of considerable attention,[13] and she was expected to be their top-selling model for the month.[14] In late 2010, more than six years after her debut, Japanese Amazon still listed 32 DVDs and two VHS tapes featuring her.[15]

Partial filmography[edit]

Released[16] Video title Company Director Notes
2004-09-18 (VHS)
2004-10-29 (DVD)
Tawawana 18-sai Shoko Goto
たわわな19歳 後藤聖子
Crystal-Eizou Venus
VF-35 (VHS)
VFDV-002 (DVD)
Yukihiko Shimamura AV debut
2004-11-26 Big Bust Evolution Shoko Goto
爆乳進化論 後藤聖子
Crystal-Eizou Venus
2004-12-17 Menyu Shoko Goto
女乳 後藤聖子
Crystal-Eizou Venus
2005-01-28 Busty Private Teacher Shoko Goto
爆乳家庭教師 後藤聖子
Crystal-Eizou Grace
2005-02-25 A-Grade Tits Shoko Goto
A級乳犯 後藤聖子
Crystal-Eizou Grace
2005-02-26 (VHS)
2005-03-25 (DVD)
The Costume Play Maid, Shoko Goto
コスプレ召使い 後藤聖子
Crystal-Eizou Venus
VF-56 (VHS)
VFDV-017 (DVD)
Yukihiko Shimamura
2005-04-29 Perverted Desire Shoko Goto
変態志願 後藤聖子
Crystal-Eizou Venus
2005-05-27 Fetish World
Crystal-Eizou Grace
With Marina Matsushima
2005-06-24 GOGO Shameless Young Lady
Crystal-Eizou Grace
2005-12-23 Super Re-Mix Collection The Best Shoko Goto
Crystal-Eizou MMC


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