Shokugyō: Idol

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"Shokugyō: Idol."
Idoling - Shokugyou Idol.jpg
Single by Idoling
Released November 19, 2008
Format CD, DVD
Genre J-pop
Label Pony Canyon
Idoling singles chronology
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"Shokugyō: Idol."
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Kokuhaku Shokugyō: Idol. Hannin wa Anata Desu♥/NA・GA・RA

Shokugyō: Idol. (「職業:アイドル。」, "Occupation: Idol.") is the fourth single by Japanese idol group Idoling. It was released both as a normal edition and a limited edition CD + DVD. The normal edition contains in special trading cards in each copy, and the limited edition contains a DVD with live footage and behind-the-scenes filming. Its highest Oricon weekly chart position was #5, and it reached #3 on the December 1 daily chart. Track 2, Tokimeki DREAMing!!!" was used as the image song for ROBO_JAPAN 2008, while track 3, Lemon Drop, was used as the ending song for the movie Pyokotan Profile.

Track listings[edit]


  1. Shokugyō: Idol. (「職業:アイドル。」, "Occupation: Idol.")
  2. Tokimeki DREAMing!!! (トキメキDREAMィング!!!)
  3. Remon Doroppu (レモンドロップ, Lemon Drop)
  4. Shokugyō: Idol. (Instrumental) (「職業:アイドル。」(インストゥルメンタル), "Occupation: Idol." (Instrumental))


  1. Tokuten 1-otakara ni Naru Kamo?! Dokidoki no Ni Kisei Ōdishon Kiroku Eizō (特典1お宝になるかも?!ドキドキの二期生オーディション記録映像, Privilege, may become a collector's item?! Exciting second live stage audition footage)
  2. Tokuten 2 jaketto Seisaku - Igai na Butaiura Micchaku Eizō (特典2ジャケット製作・意外な舞台裏密着映像, Privilege 2 jacket production - surprising up-close behind-the-scenes footage)

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