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In the Hindu mythology, Shon or Shone is son of Adhiratha and his wife Radha. Shon is believed to be born after Karna's adoption, who became his younger foster brother.[citation needed]


Shon fought in Kurukshetra war and was killed by Arjuna. A night before When Indra came to take his Gold armour (kavach) and gold ear-rings (kundals), Karna sees a dream. In his dream, his father, The Sun god bewares him how Indra will take advantage of his generosity. At dawn he call for his brother shon and tells the same. Shon realises that Karna is tensed. "Don't give him what he asks for. It's a trap so that Arjun can defeat you." But Karna replies "it's not about my defeat I'm tensed about, this kavach is attached to my skin, how will i remove it?"