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Shonali Sabherwal
Shonali Sabherwal.jpg
Born London, United Kingdom
Education Master of Arts in Mass Communication Marquette University, and Graduate of the Kushi Institute Becket Massachusetts, US
Alma mater Petit High School, Mumbai, India and Marquette University, Wisconsin USA
Occupation Nutritionist

Shonali Sabherwal is a celebrity macrobiotic nutritionist. She is known for her brand Soulfood, which is about the macrobiotic approach to lifestyle and diet. Under this brand she endorses all products which include her consultations, meals & ready-to-eat products. She has actively been a part of the macrobiotic culture in India since 2006. She is the author of the books – 'The Beauty Diet' published in 2012, and 'The Love Diet' published in February 2014.[1]

Early life[edit]

Shonali was first introduced to the world of macrobiotics when, her father was diagnosed with prostate cancer. She started looking for various ways to help her father fight the disease. It was during this period when, she came across a diet that would enhance one's 'wellness' from within, focusing on using food as a tool to balance imbalances of any kind in the body. Along with her mother, she first trained with Dehradun based Mona Schwartz, one of the resident proponents of the Macrobiotic approach.[2]

Even after the demise of her father, she continued exploring food, health, and wellness, by studying its power and effects on reversing physical as well as mental ailments. In the year 2005, she made a career-shift from Marketing Research to Macrobiotics.[3]

Career and education[edit]

Shonali Sabherwal is India's first certified and qualified counselor and instructor in Macrobiotics from the Kushi Institute, Becket, Massachusetts, US. Shonali qualified in Marketing Research from Marquette University Milwaukee, USA.[4] She worked as a Marketing Research professional for 12 years with MRAS Dun & Bradstreet, Pathfinders, Lintas and finally with AC Nielsen before turning to Macrobiotics as a career choice. Shonali also did a course in 'Solomon Yogalates' from Louise Solomon in Byron Bay, Australia, and is also the first Solomon Yogalates teacher in India.

Shonali's contribution as a Nutritionist in Macrobiotics Meals made her to feature as top six finalists at Satya Brahma founded Pharma Leaders Power Brand Awards 2016 in the category of India’s Most Promising Face in Diet & Nutrition 2016 at 9th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Pharma Leaders Business Leadership Awards.[5]


Shonali has authored two books: ‘The Beauty Diet’ and ‘The Love Diet’.[6] Both these books focus on creating a healthy life with the Macrobiotic approach and have diets related to health, beauty, creating love in one's life, and maintaining a calm mind.

The Beauty Diet[edit]

In January 2012, she authored 'The Beauty Diet' which was published by Random House. [16] The Beauty Diet' focuses mainly on the basics of the Macrobiotic approach to health and beauty. It provides information on detox diets and contains testimonials from celebrity clients.[7]

The Love Diet[edit]

‘The Love Diet' published in 2014 focuses on concepts like self-love, compassionate love, and love between the sexes and links this to a healthy approach to food that can help minimise complexities in relationships with oneself and with others, as well as enhance all shades of love.[8]

Professional life[edit]

After professionally entering the field Macrobiotics in 2008, Shonali has extended her services from counselling to other allied fields. She started a catering service of macrobiotic health meals and macrobiotic consultations on diet and lifestyle. She also conducts cooking classes and produces ready-to-eat snacks and products.[9]

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