Shoot Speed – More Dirty Hits

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Shoot Speed – More Dirty Hits
Shoot Speed - More Dirty Hits.jpg
Compilation album by Primal Scream
Released 17 March 2004[1]
Recorded 1985 - 2003
Genre C86, Indie rock, Electronica, Acid House
Length 79:16
Label Columbia, Sony
Producer Primal Scream, Various
Primal Scream chronology
Dirty Hits
(2003)Dirty Hits2003
Shoot Speed – More Dirty Hits
Live in Japan
(2004)Live in Japan2004

Shoot Speed – More Dirty Hits is the second compilation album by British rock band Primal Scream. It was released in 2004 for the Japanese market only. It peaked at #48 on the Oricon album chart in Japan.[2]

The compilation attempts to compile and collect the significant singles, album tracks and remixes which were not released on either of the two CDs of their previous compilation; Dirty Hits. The album also acts as a B-sides compilation containing many of the group's most popular B-sides. Unlike Dirty Hits, Shoot Speed – More Dirty Hits features music from Primal Scream's entire career, collecting key songs from before the group's breakout album; Screamadelica.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Bobby Gillespie, Andrew Innes and Robert Young; except where indicated.

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "When The Kingdom Comes" (2000 single "Accelerator" B-side) Gillespie, Innes 4:20
2. "Star" (1997 album Vanishing Point) Martin Duffy, Gillespie, Innes, Young 4:25
3. "Velocity Girl" (1986 single "Crystal Crescent" B-side) Gillespie 1:22
4. "Ivy Ivy Ivy" (1989 album Primal Scream)   3:04
5. "City" (2002 album Evil Heat) Gillespie, Innes 3:22
6. "Don't Fight It Feel It (7" edit)" (1991 album Screamadelica)   4:06
7. "Medication" (1997 album Vanishing Point) Gillespie, Innes 3:53
8. "All Fall Down" (1985 single "All Fall Down" A-side) Beattie, Gillespie 2:10
9. "Come Together (Terry Farley Mix)" (1990 single "Come Together")   4:22
10. "Screamadelica" (1992 single "Dixie-Narco EP" B-side)   10:41
11. "So Sad About Us" (1987 single "Imperial" B-side, Who cover) Pete Townshend 4:10
12. "Revenge Of Hammond Connection" (2000 single "Kill All Hippies" B-side) Primal Scream 3:32
13. "I'm Losing More Than I'll Ever Have" (1989 album Primal Scream)   5:09
14. "Gentle Tuesday" (1987 album Sonic Flower Groove) Beattie, Gillespie 3:46
15. "MBV Arkestra (If They Move Kill 'Em)" (2000 album XTRMNTR) Primal Scream 6:42
16. "Darklands" (1998 single "If They Move Kill 'Em" B-side) Jim Reid, William Reid 6:10
17. "Imperial" (1987 album Sonic Flower Groove) Beattie, Gillespie 3:36
18. "Jesus" (1997 single "Star" B-side)   4:27