Shoot the Moon

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Shoot the Moon
French Theatrical Poster
Directed by Alan Parker
Produced by Alan Marshall
Stuart Millar
Edgar J. Scherick
Written by Bo Goldman
Cinematography Michael Seresin
Edited by Gerry Hambling
Distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Release dates
  • February 19, 1982 (1982-02-19)
Running time
124 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $12,000,000
Box office $9,217,530

Shoot the Moon is a 1982 drama film directed by Alan Parker, written by Bo Goldman and starring Albert Finney and Diane Keaton, in their Golden Globe-nominated performances. The film also features Peter Weller, Karen Allen and Dana Hill. The film was entered into the 1982 Cannes Film Festival.[1]


The marriage of Faith and George Dunlap is in trouble. From a distance, it seemed to be the picture of domestic bliss, a successful author with a beautiful wife and four daughters living in a converted farmhouse that he refurbished. But a crisis is growing at home.

George has a mistress, Sandy, and wants to be with her. The trouble is, he doesn't want Faith to be with anyone else in return. George is searching for the courage to leave home, but hates the thought of his family and possessions in another man's hands.

Handsome Frank Henderson is hired by Faith to build a tennis court. It is not clear whether she develops true feelings for Frank or simply wishes to even the score with her unfaithful husband, but for whatever reason, Faith begins an affair.

Their daughters resent George for breaking up the family. Faith presents a false facade, planning to attend an evening in George's honor as he accepts a book award, but George grows increasingly irrational as the women in his life prepare for life without him.


At the time of its release, the film received international acclaim and was embraced by America's most respected film critics:

Pauline KaelThe New Yorker "Shoot the Moon is perhaps the most revealing American movie of the era.[2]

David DenbyNew York Magazine "The Picture seems like a Miracle. A Beautiful Achievement." [3]

David EdelsteinThe New York Post "One of the Best Films of the Decade." [4]



Actor/Actress Role
Albert Finney George Dunlap
Diane Keaton Faith Dunlap
Karen Allen Sandy
Peter Weller Frank Henderson
Dana Hill Sherry Dunlap
Viveka Davis Jill Dunlap
Tracey Gold Marianne Dunlap
Tina Yothers Molly Dunlap


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