Shoot the Women First

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Shoot the Women First
Author Eileen MacDonald
Country United States
Language English
Subject Terrorism
Publication date
ISBN 0-679-41596-3
OCLC 25315480
303.6/25/019 20
LC Class HV6431 .M332 1992

Shoot the Women First is a 1991 book by Eileen MacDonald.

The book, a collection of interviews, is based on the author's encounters with female terrorists. Her book analyzes the subjects, their reasons, and their modus operandi. Named after advice supposedly given to the sharpshooters in Germany's GSG 9 anti-terrorist squad, Shoot the Women First is based on some of the world's most notorious female terrorists (Leila Khaled and Kim Hyon Hui), and sets out to destroy what the author sees as stereotypical myth and male fantasy surrounding such women, that they are either gun-toting lesbian feminists or misguided pawns[1]


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