Shooting Star State Trail

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Shooting Star State Trail
Length14 mi (23 km)
LocationSoutheast Minnesota, USA
DesignationMinnesota state trail
UseBiking, hiking, in-line skating
Hiking details
SightsLake Louise State Park, wildflowers
HazardsSevere weather
WebsiteShooting Star State Trail

The Shooting Star State Trail is a multi-use recreational trail in southeastern Minnesota, USA. It currently runs 14 miles (23 km) between the towns of LeRoy and Adams, but the long-term plan is to continue through Rose Creek and Austin (where it would intersect with an expanded Blazing Star State Trail) to Lyle.[1]

The route largely follows a leg of Minnesota State Highway 56, which was designated the Shooting Star Wildflower and Historic Route Scenic Byway.[1] Both trail and byway are named for the shooting star, a wildflower. The trail was built on the roadbed of the former Milwaukee Road.[2]


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