Shooting at the 1896 Summer Olympics – Men's 25 metre military pistol

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Men's 25 metre military pistol
at the Games of the I Olympiad
Venue Kallithea shooting range
Date April 10
Competitors 16 from 4 nations
1st, gold medalist(s) John Paine
 United States
2nd, silver medalist(s) Sumner Paine
 United States
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Nikolaos Morakis

The men's 25 metre military pistol was one of the five sport shooting events on the 1896 Summer Olympics shooting programme.

16 competitors from four nations entered the military pistol match, held on 10 April. Each shot thirty rounds in five strings of six at a target 25 metres away. The winner, John Paine of the United States, hit the target 25 times. His brother, Sumner Paine, hit the target 23 times. Their American-made military revolvers (Colt revolvers) were far superior to the arms used by the other contestants.[1]


Place Shooter Score Hits
1  John Paine (USA) 442 25
2  Sumner Paine (USA) 380 23
3  Nikolaos Morakis (GRE) 205 Unknown
4  Ioannis Phrangoudis (GRE) Unknown
5  Holger Nielsen (DEN) Unknown
6-13  Zenon Mikhailidis (GRE) Unknown
 Georgios Orphanidis (GRE) Unknown
 Pantazidis (GRE) Unknown
 Patsouris (GRE) Unknown
 Pavlos Pavlidis (GRE) Unknown
 Aristovoulos Petmezas (GRE) Unknown
 Platis (GRE) Unknown
 Vavis (GRE) Unknown
 Pantelis Karasevdas (GRE) DNF
 Sidney Merlin (GBR) DNF
 Sanidis (GRE) DNF


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