Shooting at the 1908 Summer Olympics – Men's single-shot running deer

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Men's single-shot running deer
at the Games of the IV Olympiad
Venue Bisley rifle range
Date July 9
Competitors 15 from 4 nations
1st, gold medalist(s) Oscar Swahn  Sweden
2nd, silver medalist(s) Ted Ranken  Great Britain
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Alexander Rogers  Great Britain
1912 →

The men's single-shot running deer competition was one of 15 shooting sports events on the Shooting at the 1908 Summer Olympics programme.[1] A deer-shaped target made 10 runs of 75 feet, with the shooter firing one shot during each run. The runs lasted about 4 seconds each and took place 110 yards distant from the shooter. There were three concentric circles on the target, with the smallest counting for 4 points, the middle for 3, and the outermost for 2. A hit outside the circles but still on the target (except on the haunch) counted for 1 point. The maximum possible score was thus 40 points.


Place Shooter Score
1  Oscar Swahn (SWE) 25
2  Ted Ranken (GBR) 24
3  Alexander Rogers (GBR) 24
4  Maurice Blood (GBR) 23
5  Albert Kempster (GBR) 22
6  James Cowan (GBR) 21
 William Russell Lane-Joynt (GBR) 21
 Walter W. Winans (USA) 21
9  Joshua Millner (GBR) 20
10  Charles Nix (GBR) 19
11  Ernst Rosell (SWE) 17
12  William Ellicott (GBR) 16
13  Léon Tétart (FRA) 11
14  Maurice Robion du Pont (FRA) 6
15  André Barbillat (FRA) 3

De Wael also lists another British shooter, John Bashford, as having competed and placed lower than Barbillat. However, the Official Report makes no mention of Bashford in its list of competitors.



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