Shopaholic and Baby

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Shopaholic and Baby
Shopaholic and Baby.jpg
Author Sophie Kinsella
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Genre Comedy, chick lit
Publisher Black Swan
Publication date
Preceded by Shopaholic and Sister
Followed by Mini Shopaholic

Shopaholic and Baby (2007) is the fifth novel in the popular 'Shopaholic' series. It is a chick-lit novel by Sophie Kinsella, a pseudonym of Madeline Wickham. It follows the story of Becky Brandon (née Bloomwood) and her husband Luke as they navigate Becky's first pregnancy.


The plot jumps several months forward from Shopaholic and Sister. Becky is now heavily pregnant with her first child and is preparing for the arrival of her newborn. During a sonogram appointment with Luke, Becky is briefly left unaccompanied in the ultrasound room. Desperate to know the gender of the baby despite Luke's wishes to the contrary, Becky takes the ultrasound equipment to find out for herself. She initially thinks she can see male genitals on the baby but the sonographer returns, catching Becky and explains what Becky is actually examining is her own bladder.

Back at the apartment, it's revealed that Becky and Luke have recently sold up in order to buy a house. The couple have difficulty finding a place which meets Becky's approval. Becky's relationship with Jess has drastically improved since the last novel as is evident when Jess arrives. Jess continues in her endeavor to make Becky more environmentally friendly, encouraging her to use second hand baby items, the mere prospect of which Becky finds horrifying. Becky's friendship with Suze has also improved despite Suze's involvement with Lulu, a mother introduced in the last novel whom Becky doesn't get along with. Once again, Becky and Luke's marriage has been strained due to increasing anxiety on Luke's part over a new business partnership with the Arcodas group.

While shopping at a luxury baby boutique, Bambino, Becky overhears a conversation about a celebrity obstetrician, Venetia Carter. Becky - fantasizing over the idea of a luxurious birthing experience - rushes home to consult Luke. Much to Becky's disdain Luke is firm and insists Becky remain a patient of Dr. Braine (an older obstetrician who has seen many of the Brandon women through their pregnancies, and whom Becky doesn't like and finds dull). After much nagging from Becky an exasperated Luke admits defeat and the couple attend an appointment with Venetia. Becky is taken aback when Venetia treats her with little interest whilst being flirtatious with Luke. She is further upset when it's revealed Venetia and Luke used to date during their time together in college, but she consoles herself with the knowledge Venetia is in a relationship.

At a later appointment Becky is distraught to learn that Venetia is newly single, her married boyfriend having returned to his wife. This sets alarm bells ringing for Becky. As the novel progresses, Becky grows more and more suspicious of the relationship between Luke and Venetia; even going as far as to hire a private detective. As the baby's impending birth draws ever closer, Venetia and Becky have a dispute during an obstetric appointment, wherein Venetia spitefully confesses that she believes Becky and Luke should never have married and that she has every intention to pursue Luke once the baby is born. Once Becky has recovered from the shock of this revelation she plans to out Venetia's plans to Luke, hoping he'll be similarly horrified. Becky arrives at the party Venetia and Luke are attending only to find the two dancing together. The stress of witnessing this causes her to pass out. When Becky comes around, Luke is apologetic but denies any romantic involvement with Venetia. He admits the truth to Becky about his previous relationship with Venetia. The couple decide it's in their best interests to return to Dr. Braine and for a brief while, and everything seems to be going smoothly. Then while Luke is out, Becky receives photos from the PI that she hired, and discovers Venetia in the company of Iain Walker, the CEO of the Arcodas Group. Only when the PI's son admits his following the two around, Becky realizes Venetia's involvement with Iain in destroying Brandon Communications' reputation in order to force Luke to leave her. When she shows Luke the photos of Iain and Venetia together, he demands Becky to tell him where she got them. She refuses to elaborate and feels guilty for suspecting Luke of having an affair with Venetia.

During her baby shower, Becky unwittingly comes across a love note sent by Venetia amongst gifts for the baby. Sneaking away from her own party, she goes to the birthing center in order to confront Venetia, pretending to be in early labor. Family and friends arrive at the clinic anticipating the baby's birth and when Venetia comes into the birthing room, Becky tells everyone present about the obstetrician's scheme. Luke, in disbelief, demands an explanation and becomes increasingly enraged as Venetia talks. As an argument begins, Luke reveals to everyone present that Venetia has always been troublesome, once feigning a pregnancy in order to keep him in a relationship he disapproved of. He didn't regret breaking up with her because of the trouble she caused him over the years. Enraged, Venetia tries one last effort to make him take her back and leave Becky by rudely calling her a dumb little airhead who doesn't deserve him. Luke refuses and tells Venetia off that he loves his wife regardless. Unlike Venetia, who he sees as manipulative and conniving, Becky is a caring and intuitive person who puts others before herself. Whilst revelations are coming out into the open, Becky takes this opportunity to explain that she and Luke are effectively homeless as the home they had planned to purchase has been bought from under them in the midst of all the trouble Venetia has caused. To console Becky, Suze offers her and Luke her family's unused summer home in Scotland. However, her mother, Jane, insists that they stay with her and Graham in Surrey.

During the dispute, Becky's water breaks and she is calm about it. While everyone else admires Becky's calmness during her water breaking, a furious Jane reprimands Venetia for her behavior stating that she caused too much trouble in her family's life and orders her out of the room. Dr. Braine is called by another family member in order to assist during the birth. After Venetia leaves, Suze is disgusted by this and announces her intent to write an expose about Venetia in the British tabloid magazine, "The Daily World", to help other pregnant women to avoid her. Dr. Braine arrives and helps Paula, an assistant working for Venetia in the delivery of Luke and Becky's child into the world, a daughter they name Minnie. Relieved, Becky and Luke are given some privacy in welcoming Minnie.

The book ends with Luke, Becky and Minnie living modestly in the Bloomwood family home.

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