Shopnopuri artificial amusement park

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Wheels at shopnopuri

Shopnopuri artificial amusement park is an artificial sport for tourist situated in Dinajpur district of Rangpur division in Bangladesh.[1] There are Rides, Zoo, Rest house, Garden, Lakes, Fish World, ‘Rongdhonu’ Art Gallery, ‘Moha Maya Indrojal’ and central Picnic center and countless shopping area. One can find, Fish World with artificial fishes and various wet animals. Small Rides for activities. Animal Kingdom, for artificial statue of some animals like Amy, Flamingo, Dinosaur, Pegasus and many other animals. ‘Rongdhonu’ Art Gallery, for many different types of sculptures and paintings. At ‘Moha Maya Indrojal’, can enjoy magic. At Zoo, full of several kinds of animals. Anyone can enjoy his full day with family watching this artificial and natural beauties and activities. It is also an idle Picnic spot where lots of picnic parties come every year.

Artistic sculpture[edit]

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Aftabgonj, Nawabgonj Upzilla, Dinajpur, Rangpur.


Coordinates: 25°30′18″N 89°03′54″E / 25.505°N 89.065°E / 25.505; 89.065