Shopping (Fann Wong album)

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Cd fannwong shopping.jpg
Studio album by Fann Wong
Released July 8, 1998
Genre Mandarin pop
Label Hype Records (Singapore), EMI (Taiwan)
Fann Wong chronology
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Missing You

Shopping (逛街 Guang jie) is Fann Wong (Chinese: 范文芳)'s second album release in Taiwan. It was an immensely popular pop album with over half a million sold.

The Shopping video led Hong Kong director Derek Yee to cast Fann in his Hong Kong art film, The Truth About Jane and Sam.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Summer Rain
  2. 逛街
  3. 趁一切還來得及
  4. 不怕
  5. 孤單
  6. 下午茶
  7. 星期六
  8. 跟随
  9. 搬家
  10. 預言(文芳/張宇合唱)
  11. 示情