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ShoppingTown Mall
Shoppingtown Mall.jpg
ShoppingTown main entrance
Coordinates 43°02′26″N 76°03′51″W / 43.0406°N 76.06411°W / 43.0406; -76.06411Coordinates: 43°02′26″N 76°03′51″W / 43.0406°N 76.06411°W / 43.0406; -76.06411
Opening date 1954 (as a strip mall, then enclosed in 1975)
Closing date Estimated closure 2019
Developer Eagan Real Estate Inc.
Management James Tull[1]
Owner Moonbeam Capital Investments LLC
No. of stores and services ~100
No. of anchor tenants 5 (1 open, 4 vacant)
Total retail floor area 988,054 sq ft (91,793.2 m2)
No. of floors 2, plus partial basements

ShoppingTown Mall is a regional shopping mall in Dewitt, New York. It opened as an open-air shopping center in 1954, and was converted to an enclosed mall in 1975. As of 2016, it has approximately 100 stores, with Sears serving as the only anchor store. It has a food court and a fourteen-screen Regal Cinemas movie theater. As of 2016, ShoppingTown Mall is owned and managed by Moonbeam Capital Investments LLC.[2]


ShoppingTown opened in 1954[3][4] as one of Syracuse's first suburban open-air shopping centers.[5] Early tenants included Dey Brothers department store, The Addis Company (later merged into Addis and Dey's), Woolworth, W.T. Grant, and a Kallet movie theater.[6] A Grand Union supermarket was added on the eastern end.

Television station WNYS-TV opened its first studios in the basement of ShoppingTown when it began broadcasting in 1962. The studio caught fire in April 1967. The call letters were changed to WIXT-TV in 1978, and the station moved from ShoppingTown to new studios on nearby Bridge Street in East Syracuse in 1985.

After expanding several times in the 1960s, ShoppingTown was converted to an enclosed shopping mall in 1975,[7] and was substantially remodeled in 1991.[5] The mall was owned by Macerich, which acquired it from Wilmorite Properties in 2005, but was sold in 2011 to Macerich.[contradictory] Macerich managed the mall until 2012, when the new owners hired Jones Lang LaSalle to manage the mall.[8] In 2014, MoonBeam Capital Investments bought the mall for 13.6 million.

In 2012 a community theater, Central New York Playhouse, opened.[9] This was part of a trend in which local businesses and community groups filled some of the space created by the loss of national retail tenants.[10] Between 2015 and 2016 the mall lost three of its four anchor tenants, Macy's, Dick's Sporting Goods, and J.C. Penney.[11] In February 2015, Moonbeam Capital Investments proposed plans to demolish the Sears wing and turn it into a strip mall.[12] This has been halted indefinitely because of a tax dispute.[13]

As of 2017, future plans include repurposing facilities to include office, healthcare, and education tenants.[14]

Current anchors[edit]

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