Shorabil Lake

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Shorabil Lake (night).jpg
Shorabil Lake
Location City of Ardabil, Ardabil Province
Coordinates 38°13′N 48°17′E / 38.217°N 48.283°E / 38.217; 48.283Coordinates: 38°13′N 48°17′E / 38.217°N 48.283°E / 38.217; 48.283
Type Natural Lake
Basin countries Iran
Surface area 640,000 m2 (160 acres)[citation needed]
Average depth Approximately 30 metres (98 ft) in the middle
The map of Shorabil lake

Shorabil (Persian: شورابیل, Azerbaijani: شورابیل گؤلو) is a lake located in a hilly area south of the Iranian city of Ardabil. Ardabil University is located near the lake.[1][2]

The surface of the lake is 640,000 m²[citation needed], and is covered with a thin white layer of minerals which are useful in healing skin diseases and rheumatism. The leisure complex of Shorabil is located near the lake. The lake is ringed by a scenic roadway offering views of the lake and the nearby Sabalan mountain.

The basin was covered with mud and high concentrations of salt and other minerals so that no fish could survive. In 1998, the government of Ardabil started diluting the lake water by linking rivers from the surrounding area. After almost 2 years they also started growing a kind of fish called "ghezel-aala" in the lake which is famous for having pink meat and wonderful taste. In 1999 a floating restaurant was built and placed in the middle of the lake. which was transferred to the government but it was later shifted to the shore as they could not handle the maintenance and other technical difficulties.

Shorabil Lake, Ardabil


Latitude = 38.2126, Longitude = 48.2870 Lat = 38 degrees, 12.8 minutes North Long = 48 degrees, 17.2 minutes East[3]


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