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This is an incomplete listing of Shorea spp. and follows Ashton (2004).

Shorea robusta
from "Illustrations of the Forest Flora of North-West and Central India", 1874

Shorea classification[edit]

Section Doona[edit]

Section Pentacme[edit]

Section Anthoshorea: White Meranti group[edit]

Section Neohopea: Selangan Batu group[edit]

Section Shorea: Selangan Batu group[edit]

  • Subsection: Barbata

  • Subsection: Shorea

Section Brachypterae: Red Meranti group[edit]

Section Mutica: Red Meranti group[edit]

  • Subsection Auriculatae
  • Subsection Mutica

Section Ovalis: Red Meranti group[edit]

Section Pachycarpae: Red Meranti group[edit]

Section Rubella: Red Meranti group[edit]

Section Richetioides: Yellow Meranti group[edit]



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  • Sorting Shorea names