Shorea faguetiana

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Shorea faguetiana
Scientific classification
S. faguetiana
Binomial name
Shorea faguetiana

Shorea faguetiana (also called Yellow Meranti) is a species of plant in the Dipterocarpaceae family. It is a tree found in Borneo, Malay Peninsula, and Thailand.

Tallest Shorea faguetiana[edit]

The tallest documented giant tropical angiosperm from the Diptercarpaceae family is a 96.9 m tall Shorea faguetiana found in the Tawau Hills National Park, in Sabah on the island of Borneo, located some 24 kilometres from Tawau and about 9.5 km from the Park's main station. This tree was discovered on May 28, 2018[1][2].

Also, in 2016, the then tallest tropical tree in the world known as ″Lahad Datu″ was found at the Danum Valley Conservation Area, in Sabah on the island of Borneo at 94.1 m with a canopy measuring 40.3 m in diameter. The initial measurement from an aircraft was 94.1 m and the accurate tape drop measurement by a climber 90.8 m to the highest and 95.2 m to the lowest ground level. 93.0 m is the average of these figures.[3][4][5]

In 2016, was found 89.5 m tall ″Minecraft″ tree in area of forest known as ‘Sabah’s Lost World’ – the Maliau Basin Conservation Area, one of Malaysia’s last few untouched wildernesses[6][7].

For many years, the world’s tallest tropical tree has been recognised in the Tawau Hills Park at a height of 88.32 m (Shorea faguetiana), which is located 900 metres from the Park’s main station.

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