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Shoreline Community College
Shoreline Community College.jpg
Established 1964
Type Public community college
President Dr. Cheryl Roberts
Vice-president Bob Francis
Dean Kim Thompson
Academic staff
150 permanent, 76 associate
Students 13,795 (2004-05 academic year)
Location Shoreline
Lake Forest Park
, Washington, United States
Campus Shoreline: 83 acres
Lake Forest Park
Campus Salon
Mascot Dolphin
Shoreline Athletics logo

Shoreline Community College is a community college in Shoreline, Washington, United States, north of Seattle. It is located in a residential area east of Shoreview Park. The college contains over 80 acres[1] and continuously serves 12,000 full and part-time students. Shoreline Community College has been operating for over 50 years, having "opened its classrooms in January of 1964",[1] and offers a wide variety of degree and certificate programs.


Faculty and professional staff help students choose between two transfer degrees and more than 50 professional, technical, and workforce training degrees and certificates,[2] some short-term, others taking up to two years to complete.[3] Career training (CEO),[4] WorkFirst,[5] Running Start,[6] and Study Abroad programs[7] are a few of the other educational opportunities offered by SCC. One can also earn Academic Certificates in Global Studies,[8] Multicultural Understanding[9] or Masters of Business Administration Preparation.[10]

Value to taxpayers and alumni[edit]

According to a study released in October 2013, Shoreline Community College is the best value for an associates degree in the state of Washington and among the best in the nation. As pointed out in the study, graduates are shown to earn $456,269 more in their lifetime than they would without the the associates degree.[11]


Some elements of SCC's architecture and landscaping are reminiscent of Japanese traditions. Note the high roof element and the rocks representing a stream as in a traditional Japanese garden.

Shoreline Community College was the brain-child of Dr. Ray W. Howard, superintendent of the Shoreline School District. He felt that Washington state's increasing host of high school graduates did not have adequate opportunities for higher education and "actively worked with other school districts in the area to convince legislators of the needs of 'non-traditional' students who could not, because of economic circumstances, attend the University of Washington or other four-year institutions."[1] In 1959 he brought forward the idea of a community college in Shoreline.[12]

Shoreline Community College started with evening classes in January 1964, accepting 806 student applications that would be taught at Shoreline High School which is now Shoreline Center.[12] Dr. Howard "retired as superintendent in 1963, and spent his last two years with the district planning and opening the new Shoreline Community College." [13]

"The Boeing family eventually donated approximately 80 acres on a wooded bluff to Shoreline Community College," and the site was cleared for construction in the early 1960's.[1] "In the fall of 1965, the new campus was ready for students."[12]

Notable alumni[edit]


The Ray Howard Library provides books, academic journals, newspapers, DVDs, CDs, and other media to students, staff, faculty and Shoreline community members. Users can access many academic databases from on campus or at home. Twenty-five open-access computers with library resources, Internet access and Microsoft Office grace the main floor of the library, along with a teaching lab. Students can also check out digital cameras, flip cameras and other equipment such as projectors. On the lower level, there are 100 computers for student use in the Student Lab, as well as a Media Lab for faculty to experiment with and build new ways of teaching and learning. The Library also houses eLearning, the department that helps students and faculty with their online learning needs. Shoreline's reference librarians provide in-depth, friendly help for learners who are doing research. The librarians teach workshops, consultations and individual sessions to students and others who are learning the research process.

Students and other users can request a Librarian Prescription, on which Librarians will note keywords, key resources, and ideas for the research process. In addition, students can use AskWA, a 24/7 chat reference service, to get reference help and information literacy instruction when the physical library is closed. AskWA is accessible on the Library home page, through a little green Washington State icon on the lower left side of the page.


National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium[edit]

In 2006 Shoreline Community College was recognized as one of 27 colleges nationwide to offer NAFTC's alternative fuel vehicle (AFV) training and outreach center. The school's automotive program has received statewide recognition for its specialized program.[15]

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