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The Short-course Off-road Drivers Association (usually abbreviated as SODA) was an off-road racing sanctioning body in the United States.


SODA began as a Midwestern United States off-road racing series in the early 1970s.[1] The series was televised in the 1980s and 1990s. Series races appeared tape delayed on ESPN/ESPN2[2] (often during in the winter months). Most races were held in Wisconsin but a few were held in Michigan. The crown jewel of the series was the off-road championship event held at the Crandon International Off-Road Raceway - the "home of the world championship off-road race".

The vehicles used were primarily Trophy trucks, buggies (which were based on the original Volkswagen Beetle called Baja Bug), and a few stock cars. All vehicles had heavily modified suspension.

Most drivers from SODA moved to CORR (Championship Off-Road Racing) after the 1997 season, which basically ended SODA's existence. A greatly diminished series continued on for at least a few years afterwards.

Video game[edit]

In 1997, Sierra Entertainment released a SODA-themed racing video game called SODA Off-Road Racing.


  • Class 1-1600, 1600 cc engine buggies with driver only
  • Class 2-1600, 1600 cc engine buggies with driver plus co-pilot (Sometimes run with class 1-1600)
  • Class 3, 4-wheel-drive Short Wheelbase vehicles (Jeep CJ, Ford Bronco, etc.)
  • Class 4, 4-wheel-drive full-size trucks
  • Class 5-1600, buggies with driver only
  • Class 6 Modified passenger cars, and later 2wd SUV's
  • Class 7s, 2-wheel-drive four-cylinder trucks
  • Class 8, 2-wheel-drive full-size trucks
  • Class 8s 2-wheel-drive full-size trucks (nearly stock vehicles, with restrictor plate V8 engines)
  • Class 9, Modified Buggies with up to 1914 cc Air-cooled engines, or 1600 cc engines water-cooled*Class 11, Stock 1600 cc engine buggies with driver only
  • Class 12, Stock 1600 cc engine buggies with driver plus co-pilot (Sometimes run with Class 11)*Class 13, 2-wheel-drive full-sized trucks with more restrictions than Class 8
  • Heavy Metal, combined race with Class 3, Class 4 and Class 8 trucks
  • SODA Light A small single-seat short-wheelbase buggy with a small CC snowmobile engine

Tracks that held races[edit]

Many tracks held races:


Evan Evans 1996 Class 13 Champion and Most Wins in a single season Ever


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