Short Heath Park

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Short Heath Park
Short Heath Park - 2011-01-29.jpg
Entrance to Short Heath Park
Type Public park
Location Erdington, Birmingham, UK
Coordinates 52°32′07″N 1°50′50″W / 52.5353°N 1.8471°W / 52.5353; -1.8471Coordinates: 52°32′07″N 1°50′50″W / 52.5353°N 1.8471°W / 52.5353; -1.8471
Area 14.5 acres (0.059 km2)
Operated by Birmingham City Council

Short Heath Park is a public park in the Short Heath area of Erdington, Birmingham, UK. It is located approximately 0.5 miles (0.80 km) north-west of Erdington railway station. Short Heath Park is located a short walk away from Boldmere High street and Sutton Coldfield Hight street. Short Heath Park is approximately 14.5 Acres in size and Is operated by the Birmingham City council.


In 2009, Birmingham City Council's Parks and Nature Conservation department submitted a planning application for the park.[1] The application, which was for the "erection of 1.6m high boundary railings with 3.3m high entrance archways" was approved subject to conditions on 1 December 2009.[2] Development began in January 2010.[3]


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