Short Heath Park

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Short Heath Park
Short Heath Park - 2011-01-29.jpg
Entrance to Short Heath Park
Type Public park
Location Erdington, Birmingham, UK
Coordinates 52°32′07″N 1°50′50″W / 52.5353°N 1.8471°W / 52.5353; -1.8471Coordinates: 52°32′07″N 1°50′50″W / 52.5353°N 1.8471°W / 52.5353; -1.8471
Area 14.5 acres (0.059 km2)
Operated by Birmingham City Council

Short Heath Park is a public park in the Short Heath area of Erdington, Birmingham, UK. It is located approximately 0.5 miles (0.80 km) north-west of Erdington railway station.


In 2009, Birmingham City Council's Parks and Nature Conservation department submitted a planning application for the park.[1] The application, which was for the "erection of 1.6m high boundary railings with 3.3m high entrance archways" was approved subject to conditions on 1 December 2009.[2] Development began in January 2010.[3]


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