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Short Program
Short Program volume 1 English cover.jpg
Cover of volume 1, English language version.
(Shōto Puroguramu)
Written by Mitsuru Adachi
Published by Shogakukan
English publisher
Magazine Various
English magazine
Original run January 1985May 2009
Volumes 4 (List of volumes)
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Short Program (Japanese: ショート・プログラム, Hepburn: Shōto Puroguramu) is the title of a series of unrelated short manga collections by Mitsuru Adachi. Four volumes compile stories selected from shōjo, shōnen, josei and seinen works released from 1985 until 2009.


Short Program[edit]

The first collection, titled simply Short Program, collected stories published between 1985 and 1988. In Japan, Shogakukan published this in November 1988. In the United States, Viz Media published this collection in March 2000. The chapters are arranged differently from the Japanese release, for unknown reasons. As was customary with most manga published in the US at the time, the pages were 'flopped' so that they read left to right, rather than right to left as originally drawn. It is also printed at a larger paper size than the now-standard manga size.

Short Program ISBN 4-09-121881-4 (original release)
ISBN 4-09-127871-X (2005 re-release)
Canada United States Short Program ISBN 1-56931-473-X
Viz chapter English title Japanese title Rōmaji title Serialized Publication date Summary
1 7 The Current State of Affairs 近況 Kinkyō Shōnen Big Comic January 1987 Sugii goes to his class reunion for fun, only to learn that he and his best friends Asako and Higashi, were in a love triangle the whole time in high school and he never noticed it.
2 6 At the Intersection 交差点前 Kōsaten Mae Shōnen Big Comic April 1986 Takechi goes to that intersection at around 5PM every day just to pass by a girl he has a crush on, but never has the guts to confess to her or even knows her name. He only realizes she goes there to pass by him too, but it's already too late: she'll never come back after that misunderstanding. Or is it?
3 3 Short Program ショート・プログラム Shōto Puroguramu Young Sunday March 1987 Shirimura's on a date with a cool neighbor who has helped her a lot. But as their conversations unfold, she realizes she's dating a stalking creep.
4 2 Take Off テイク・オフ Teiku Ofu Young Sunday April 1988 Nagashima, a monstrously tall guy who doesn't seem to stop growing every year, came to Nishizaki's to watch a sport show on which Nakata, a woman Nagashima knew in his hometown, is doing the high jump. After recounting stories about her peculiar trait (setting an odd goal for every single one of her actions) with his friend, Nagashima realizes her sporting goal has been to surpass his annual heights. And she's about to take this year's jump.
5 1 Change チェンジ Chenji Weekly Shōnen Sunday November 1985 Akatsuki has a crush on Etsuko who only has feelings for her boss at the coffee shop, while being rough on and unappreciative to Kei who's always enjoyed his company. As he realizes that Etsuko's been engaged to her boss and Kei walks in the coffee shop in a dress revealing that she's actually a girl and deciding to change, Akatsuki changes too.
6 8 Plus 1 プラス1 Purasu Wan Ciao June 1986 Chisato Ichinose comes home to find that her broken cassette player has been fixed by her classmate Ichirō Imai, who then decides to forget about the warranty card and give his friend this one for free. Both of them have feelings for each other but are too shy to profess them. Only after Sugimoto, a popular guy at school, makes failed advance toward Chisato, Ichirō decides to open up to her after punching the creep in the face. Chisato now has a permanent warranty that she can use whenever her cassette player is broken.
7 9 Purple むらさき Murasaki Ciao June 1985
8 4-5 What's Going On!? なにがなんだか Nani ga Nanda ka Shōnen Big Comic January 1985

Short Program 2[edit]

The second collection, titled Short Program 2, collected stories published between 1988 and 1995. In Japan, Shogakukan published this in June 1996. In the United States, Viz Media published this collection in April 2004. Unlike the first volume, this collection was published right to left, in the now-standard paper size for manga.

Short Program 2 ISBN 4-09-121882-2 (original release)
ISBN 4-09-127872-8 (2005 re-release)
Canada United States Short Program 2 ISBN 1-56931-473-X
Chapter English title Japanese title Rōmaji title Serialized Publication date
1 Before Spring Comes 春が来る前に… Haru ga Kuru Mae ni... Petit Comic April 1992
2 Subject - Wakaba 若葉マーク Wakaba Māku Weekly Young Sunday January 1995
3 A Stop on the Way 途中下車 Tochūgesha Weekly Shōnen Sunday September 1994
4 5×4P Big Comic Superior July - September 1992
5 4 on the Richter Scale 震度4 Shindo Yon Weekly Shōnen Sunday July 1988
6 Aim at the Ace エースをつぶせ! Ēsu o Tsubuse! Shōgaku Shinensei June 1986
7 Spring Call スプリング・コール Supuringu Kōru Weekly Shōnen Sunday April 1993
8 Spring Passes ゆく春 Yuku Haru Big Comic Spirits May 1993
9 The Road Home 帰り道 Kaeri Michi Young Sunday October - November 1989
10 Sayonara Game サヨナラゲーム Sayonara Gēmu Big Comic 1991 Summer Special

Short Program 3[edit]

This volume was published in July 2007 in Japan. No announcements have been made regarding an English-language release in North America.

Short Program 3 ISBN 4-09-127873-6 (original release)
Canada United States unreleased
Chapter English title Japanese title Rōmaji title Serialized Publication date
1 Geta and Diamonds 下駄とダイヤモンド Young Sunday 1999 issue 17
2 Blowing Any Which Way どこ吹く風 Big Comic Spirits 1992 issue 8
3 Angel's Hammer 天使のハンマー Big Comic 1998 issue 6
4 Memory Off メモリーオフ Weekly Shōnen Sunday 2000 issues 6-7
5 White Summer 白い夏 Weekly Shōnen Sunday 2002 issues 36-37
6 Square Sea 四角い海 Weekly Shōnen Sunday 1998 30th Anniversary Special Issue,
7 Idol A アイドルA Young Sunday 2005 issue 36/37 - 2007 issue 5/6,
8 The Runaway God 逃げた神様 Big Comic One 16 October 2005
9 Short Mail ショートメール Shōnen Sunday Super 2006 Special Winter Issue

Short Program: Girl's Type[edit]

This volume was published 11 May 2009 in Japan. No announcements have been made regarding an English-language release in North America.

Short Program: Girl's type ISBN 4-09-121674-9 (original release)
Canada United States unreleased
Chapter English title Japanese title Rōmaji title Serialized Publication date
1 A Word from the Freeloader Weekly Shōjo Comic 1978 issue 11
2 A Word from the Freeloader, Continued
3 It's Hard Being a Freeloader
4 Lovers Declaration
5 Season
6 Pair of Aces Weekly Shōjo Comic 1978 issue 16
7 Whimsical Punch Weekly Shōjo Comic 1977 issue 34


The Wilamette Week's Jamie Rich called the first volume of Short Program "solid, escapist entertainment" and "as irresistibly infatuating as comic books can get." He described the worlds created by Adachi as "ageless", describing his style as having "crisp, delicate [lines]" and having a "genuine sweetness".[1]


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