Short Titles Act 1962

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The Short Titles Act 1962[1] (No. 5) is an Act of the Oireachtas. It authorises the citation, by short titles, of English statutes applied to Ireland by Poynings' Act 1495 and by the Maintenance and Embracery Act 1634, and of pre-Union Irish statutes.

This Act is one of the Short Titles Acts 1896 to 2007.[2]

Each of the three Schedules to this Act was amended by section 6 of the Statute Law Revision Act 2007.


  1. ^ The citation of this Act by this short title is authorised by section 2 of this Act. The comma is omitted on the authority of section 14(3)(a) of the Interpretation Act 2005.
  2. ^ The Statute Law Revision Act 2007, section 10(2)

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