Short Trips: Seven Deadly Sins

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Short Trips: Seven Deadly Sins
Short Trips Seven Deadly Sins.jpg
Author David Bailey
Series Doctor Who book:
Big Finish Short Trips
Release number
Publisher Big Finish Productions
Publication date
March 2005
ISBN 1-84435-146-7
Preceded by Short Trips: A Christmas Treasury
Followed by Short Trips: A Day in the Life

Short Trips: Seven Deadly Sins is a Big Finish original anthology edited by David Bailey and based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. The collection's theme is the seven deadly sins.


Sin Title Author Doctor Featuring
Sloth The Duke’s Folly Gareth Wigmore 1st Ian, Barbara, and Susan
Wrath That Which Went Away Mark Wright 2nd Jamie and Zoe
Envy Angel Tara Samms 3rd Jo
Lust Suitors, Inc. Paul Magrs 4th Romana II and K-9, with Sarah, Harry and Iris Wildthyme
Pride The 57th John Binns 5th Nyssa
Avarice Telling Tales David Bailey 6th Peri
Gluttony Too Rich for My Blood Rebecca Levene 7th Chris and Benny

Also includes linking material featuring the Eighth Doctor by Jacqueline Rayner and a prologue and epilogue by David Bailey.

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