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In swimming, the term short course (abbreviated SC) is used to identify a pool that is 25 metres (27.34 yd) in length. The term is also often included in meet names when conducted in a short course pool. "Short course" is the second type of pool configuration currently recognized by FINA and other swimming bodies for pool competition; the other/primary pool length being "long course", where the pool is 50 meters in length. Olympic and the World Aquatics Championships are conducted in a long-course pool.

In the United States, the term "short course" is more commonly applied to 25 yards (22.86 m) competition, which is more common in that country. Short-course yards is generally abbreviated as "SCY" to differentiate it from short course meters (SCM). The US national federations, USA Swimming[1] and U.S. Masters Swimming,[2] both maintain SCY USA records; FINA does not currently recognize records set in SCY, but does recognize/keep SCM records. USA college (including NCAA competition) and high school swimming are traditionally swum in SCY.

Short-course meter competitions are also denoted by listing of the actual meter distance: "25m" (in swimming, a space is not placed between the number and the m for meter).[3]

Short-course records are traditionally faster than long-course records for the same distance. This is assumed to be connected to the increased number of wall push-offs, where swimmers can get powerful leverage from the wall.

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