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In swimming, the term short course (abbreviated SC) is used to identify a pool that is 25 metres (27.34 yd) in length. The term is also often included in meet names when conducted in a short course pool. "Short course" is the second type of pool configuration currently recognized by FINA and other swimming bodies for pool competition; the other/primary pool length being "long course", where the pool is 50 meters in length. Olympic and the World Aquatics Championships are conducted in a long course pool.

In the United States, the term "short course" is more commonly applied to 25 yards (22.86 m) competition, which is more common in that country. Short course yards is generally abbreviated as "SCY" to differentiate it from short course meters (SCM). The US national federations, USA Swimming[1] and U.S. Masters Swimming,[2] both maintain SCY USA records, FINA does not currently recognize records set in SCY, but does recognize/keep SCM records. USA college (including NCAA competition) and high school swimming are traditionally swum in SCY.

Short course meter competitions are also denoted by listing of the actual meter distance: "25m" (in swimming, a space is not placed between the number and the m for meter).[3]

Short course records are traditionally faster than long course records. This is assumed to be connected to the increased number of wall push-offs, where speed is greatest.

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