Shotover Country

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Shotover Country
Shotover Country
Shotover Country
CountryNew Zealand
Local authorityQueenstown
East(Lake Hayes Estate)
South(Kawarau River)
SouthwestShotover Delta
WestShotover River

Shotover Country is a suburb of Queenstown in the South Island of New Zealand. The suburb began in 2012 when sections first came up for sale.[1]

It is bordered by the older sub division of Lake Hayes Estate and the Kawarau and Shotover Rivers. The main access point is via the main highway of State Highway 6.

14 stages of sections came up for sale in November 2012 with the final stage released in June 2016.


The area was originally known as Islay Farm before being named Shotover Country which is inspired from the names of the nearby Shotover River and Lower Shotover area.

Affordable housing[edit]

In 2016 forty-four homes were built by the Queenstown Lakes Community Housing Trust as affordable houses in the sub-division of Shotover Country. Three quarters of the homes were sold to families under the trust's Shared Ownership programme with the remainder going into the rental scheme.[2]


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Coordinates: 45°00′25″S 168°46′19″E / 45.007°S 168.772°E / -45.007; 168.772