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Shoufeng Township
Rural township
Skyline of Shoufeng Township壽豐鄉
Shoufeng Township in Hualien County
Shoufeng Township in Hualien County
Location Hualien County, Taiwan
 • Total 218 km2 (84 sq mi)
Population (July 2018)
 • Total 18,057
 • Density 83/km2 (210/sq mi)
Shoufeng Township
Chinese name
Chinese 壽豐鄉
Hanyu Pinyin Shòufēng Xiāng
Wade–Giles Shou4-feng1 Hsiang1
Pha̍k-fa-sṳ Su-fûng-hiông
Hokkien POJ Siū-hong-hiong
Amis name
Amis Rinahem[1]

Shoufeng Township[2] is a rural township in Hualien County, Taiwan. The township sits in the north segment of Huadong Valley between Taiwan's Central Range and Hai'an Range near the Pacific Ocean.[3] The township is best known as the location of National Dong Hwa University (NDHU), a university and famous tourist attraction in East Taiwan.


A large part of the township is located centered on the Huadong Valley north of where the Shoufeng River empties into the Hualian River. The township extends eastward over the Hai'an Range to the Pacific Ocean in the east.

Administrative divisions[edit]

Shoufeng Township Office

The township comprises 15 villages: Chinan, Fengli, Fengping, Fengshan, Gonghe, Guangrong, Mizhan, Pinghe, Shoufeng, Shuhu, Shuilian, Xikou, Yanliao, Yuemei and Zhixue.


It has 18,237 inhabitants in 7,016 households.


Tourist attractions[edit]


Taiwan Railway Administration stations on the Hualien–Taitung Line in Shoufeng include:

Highways in Shoufeng include:


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